Next Shanghai Photos


In the spirit to keep the audience focused on Photos from the key cities in China, here is the next few from The Bund in Shanghai 


China Shanghai The Bund China Shanghai The Bund China Shanghai The Bund the-bund-weekend-view-dsc-5156-small

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Shanghai: Photos for Today


Here, I continue to publish photos from life around the city of Shanghai.  hope you enjoy them.  Then if you want to find some more digital images head out to

In the mean time – here is more from Shanghai.  The photos below were taken at the area of the Bund near the Peace Hotel on Nanjing Street.  It is amazing to see the Bund devoid of people….as the day is just starting….Enjoy

the-bund-2-dsc-5144-small the-bund-dsc_5147-small China Shanghai the Bund

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Plane Carry-On Bag Packing Tips

Plane Carry-On Bag

The holidays are fast approaching and with that many of us will get on the plane headed to spend time with friends and family as well as take some well deserved time off on a vacation.   With that in mind, how do you make travel more comfortable is one ever existing challenge.  

Travel the worldIn general, I see two different approaches to packing a carry-on bag for a trip.  One, for the business traveller / trip, and a second, different approach, for the leisure travel we take.  Let’s see what those two methods are – at least in my opinion

Carry-on Luggage Traveler Case A: The Business Traveller

One thing I have learned during my years of traveling on business (all told – 3M miles plus flown) is that you need to be flexible and mobile.  Therefore, pack your luggage accordingly – no check-in bags.  Which in turn, means, your carry-on is your whole luggage!

Why is that important — well, having carry-on luggage only allows you to change from one flight to another, when things go wrong (delayed or missing flights) – having no check-in bags allow you to be flexible and allows the airline to book you in the last minute on another flight, which can help you make that meeting you would miss otherwise!

So, what do you then out in your carry-on bags?  Simple!  All the clothing you need for your trip, shoes (dress and sports), your electronics (laptop, chargers, portable drives, adapter plugs and converters, noise canceling headphones), medications, snacks – those are critical – when you travel you may have a challenge getting food if you arrive late and restaurants are closed.  What then?  How about some great sources of protein – peanuts (sorry if you have allergies)

Case B: Leisure Traveler 

Now we are talking something quite different – you are headed on a well deserved vacation.  You need to start the vacation the moment you get going even on board the plane.  So you have to have all the necessary fun items in your carry-on bag.   Start with the  noise canceling headphones – bring those as you will have a great time watching a movie or enjoying music….and not hearing kids crying etc.

Flight Sky CloudsOne of the things I always remember to bring are my multiple cameras – what other way are you going to capture the great moments.  The photos from the trip will continue to bring you great memories years later.  Plus you can capture great photos of the flight, the sky and may be your family asleep in funny poses… Oh, well do that at your own peril.

TRAGBARS 3 in 1 Toiletry Bag DETACHABLE for Men & Women toiletry TRAVEL bag WATERPROOF cosmetic bag c/w HOOK for HANGING toiletry bag DELICATE nylon bag. Perfect gift for the holiday season.

OK, so hopefully these items will help you have a pleasant flight, nice experience and a successful overall trip.  Safe Travels!

Sunset at 33K feet


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Shanghai Skyline 上海

This gallery contains 1 photo.

Shanghai Skyline How about the Shanghai Skyline…?  You can see it below.  May be you can recognize some buildings that you know.  Or may be you will get excited and plan to visit the city. Related PostsThe situation with the … Continue reading

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Gifts for the Traveller

Gifts for the Traveller

The holidays are coming fast.  Just two days from now is Black Friday and eventhough it has lost some cache as the one day for major deals, it still serves as a reminder – have you bought gifts for the traveller – the friend or relative in your life that is either a road warrior or travels just for fun.

With that objective in mind, I am putting together this posting – hopefully as a useful guide to help you find the gifts you need.  Have I tried all the items on this list ?  Well, no, some of them are too new, as well as, I have had enough experience with these and similar products in my travels to be able to assess their potential.

While today’s planes (especially those bound on international flights) offer power outlets with increasing frequency, some of the items on the list below are intended to help you arrive with charged mobile devices and ready to roll.

The list below is no particular order – it is truly reflective of my own experience of traveling 200K miles on planes this year (and in previous years)…Hence the recommendations:

  1. Noise canceling headphones.   I like the ones which are IN EAR – why?  The over the ear ones cause physical discomfort after pressing on my ears for 8 hours (or 16 hours on a flights like Dallas to Hong Kong)… As a result I like the Bose headphones shown here           
  2. Charging power banks:  I am sure you have arrived at your destination only to start searching immediately for power outlet to charge your phone so you can make that call to find your car, or colleagues.  The need is even greater when you arrive at a foreign airport and the person who was supposed to be waiting for you is not there….or your plane was late… The portable power bank becomes invaluable in those situations.   Which one to buy?  I have used multiple – Mophie, Sony, Anker… I usually look for the one with at least 15K mAh capacity so you can charge several devices at least once each.     if you prefer a very slim one with the power to charge one to two mobile devices once, then the Mophie is a good one.  I have used it for over one year and am happy with it.      
  3.  Portable Keyboard – it is a great tool for you while traveling.  If you are going on a leisure trip you most likely do not want to lug around big laptops (no matter how small they have become these days).   A mobile device (tablet or a smart phone) plus a keyboard like the one reviewed here is the way to go.  

I will pause here and let you think if any of these work for your plans.  The next installment will come out in a day or so.   In the mean time – please give me feedback…!



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Nanjing – From Bird’s Eye View

Nanjing Bird’s Eye View

Greetings!   I have always been amazed at the different views one gets when staying at high floors of either hotels of appartments we all live in.   This time around – let’s have a view of the city of Nanjing….

Here are a few photos – and more will come by the next weekend.  Enjoy


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More from India — The Taj Mahal in Photos

Taj Mahal

Agra - Taj Majal

  Agra Taj Mahal

This is probably one of the world’s most photographed sites.

The mausoleum and its surrounding buildings (like the guest house shown on the photo here) are all incredible demonstration of architecture and art.

But my words and descriptions are not much compared to the actual images – so you can just go ahead and browse them…

I have migrated my photo galleries to a new Blog.  The objective is to provide a much more focused and easy to use – I hope that is the case, but you be the judge – interface and overall setup. 

The new Photo Blog is located here and the Taj Mahal set of galleries on it can be accessed via the image link below.  Enjoy and do let me know with feedback.

India Taj Mahal

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Sleeping in China

Sleeping in China

ChinaSleeping in public in China – is a national sport.  Almost.  There are so many instances of it in any given city on any given day, that you will be hard pressed not to encounter it. Is it wrong ?  No!  Just amusing to some extent to the unaccustomed foreign visitor.   For those who have lived / stayed long enough in the country – it is a regular occurrence, and something not to be surprised about.

Having said all this – well it is still pretty entertaining – not so much to find people sleeping out and about, but to find all the different ways and places people find as comfortable whether for a small siesta or a serious sleep.

China Chengdu  China sleeping    China street  China sleeping

While to us (the foreigners) this may seem odd, sleeping in public shows some interesting (potentially) characteristics of the Chinese society – namely:

  • Expectations for public safety – it seems no one is really concerned that their well being may be threatened while asleep
  • Surprising expectation of no petty theft – which is strange because there is certainly enough of it in China….May be the petty thief stay away from sleeping folks – their sleep is special state and in an unspoken way, protected….
  • Everyone is really used to loud noise.  I know from experience – I was.  Living in a hussle and bustle of Shanghai, you get accustomed to the noises around you and you tune them out.

So all in all, not a bad set of traits and tricks to learn to leverage.   Those will help you!

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Sleeping On Planes – Best Tips and Tricks

Sleeping on Planes

Brussels-Hannover-plane Plane rides could be long and tiring.  On top of that, once you make it to your destination no matter whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, you want to be on top of your game, and not fall a victim of the dreaded jet lag.

As a result you must learn the tricks of the (frequent flyer) trade….Sleeping on planes….an art, a skill, and overall something which could pay great dividends, not matter if you travel frequently or not!

What are those tricks you may ask….?  Here is a list – probably a partial one, as many things that work for some, may not be as effective for others.  Nevertheless, let’s review at least some of them.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

If there is one big item and a VERY important item that you must always bring with you on a plane, that will be your favorite noise cancelling headphones.  There are tons of reasons why this is SO VERY important…..Do you need me to list those?   Oh, all right, let’s itemize some, and you will quickly remember all those other ones you have encountered and experienced by yourself:

  • Infant or small child traveling on a seat near you…
  • The drone of the jet turbines…After all, you are traveling at a very fast speed….Why would you think that will be noiseless?  The plane engines are pretty loud!
  • Intense talkers sitting near by and not understanding that NOT everyone is interested in the story of their aunt Betsy, or how their latest vacation included going to strange restaurants where they did not have (gasp…) even Coca Cola….
  • …and on and on….and on

Therefore, yes, please remember, pack those noise canceling headphones and before packing them – do check the batteries….or Else…!!!

Here are some good (in my opinion) headphones to have:


Ignore the Drinks

Do not partake in heavy drinking on the plane.   Those that tell you “get a couple of drinks to tie you over…” have no clue what they are talking about.   Tie you over to what??? Relax you how???

The reality is that while you are on the plane there is very little you or your friends could do or say to further improve your comfort.  You are best off to sleep on the plane…have some cool water, may be some juice and get ready for snoozing off.

The Aisle or the Window Seat

This all depends on what kind of sleeper are you ? If you are a light sleeper – you need to take extra precaution of our arrangement.   Take the aisle seat if you are easily bothered by people getting up and going to the rest room.  If you (like me) prefer the aisle seat and can handle interrupts from fellow passengers – then jump in and leverage the goodness of the seat….!

Want more tips and tricks – drop me a line via this Web site and we can figure it out together

So, all in all, if you want to get a few more pointers – please drop me a line.

Otherwise, please keep in mind – travelers need to be nimble and as such always be ready with your original itinerary….so you can show what drives hin,


Happy Travels!!!   And just close your eyes, put on your noise cancelling headphones, lower a shade over your eyes and just drift to your happy place…..

Here are also some interesting photos from places around the world…!  With more to come…

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Shanghai Friday Night

This gallery contains 1 photo.

Shanghai Friday Night A picture is worth a thousand words, right….?  Shanghai-Waitan-on-a-Friday-Night….!

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