British Airways Rude to Disbelief Flight Attendant

Air travel these days is definitely less than glamorous but on top of that it some cases it could be also very disappointing.  There have been many articles highlighting the fact that flight attendants are becoming increasingly frustrated with their jobs, but what happened to me 2 days ago on a British Airways flight BA307 from Charles de Gaulle (Paris) to London Heathrow, was very disappointing – I encountered a very rude flight attendant.

I boarded the plane pretty tired. Before we even took off, I had fallen asleep while also listening to music from my iPhone with noise cancelling headphones on.  Sometime later I woke up – just at the time when a flight attendant was passing small bags of potato chips (crisps) as snacks.  I picked up one and as I noticed that my seat mates had drinks on their seat tables – I asked for a glass of sparkling water.

What happened next was unbelievable – to me, and to my seatmates… The flight attendant – male, his name tag read ‘Alex’ – stared at me and uttered “Well, I asked you what would you like to drink several times a moment ago and you just ignored me…”

Really ? 

I have never heard this is my flying experience – this flight attendant was ready to spank me or worse !  Hate to see this dude if he was really annoyed …!

After he berated me with words – Alex (the flight attendant) just walked away…

I waited for a minute or two and I pressed the call button.   To my second surprise, nothing happened again!   

This is an incredible attitude and lack of service !

Saturday Night Live skit from several years ago is a perfect example of my experience – British Airways flight attendant must have taken a page our of SNL’s skit and applied incredibly successfully!

David spade was the  epitome of the BA flight attendant !!!!

We love to ignore you !  Is the motto for this British Airways crew member…!

Well folks, if you have had similar experience, feel free to post or drop a comment on this blog – I plan to aggregate and let BA know – all in all my experience was something no passenger on any reputable airline should have to experience!

Istanbul Blog: Day One Itinerary

Istanbul Blog:  Here I will publish a set of postings to help you organize a multi-day adventure around this diverse and interesting city.  I first visited the city and the Bosphorus in the summer of 2013 and at that time did a very fast run through several of the major sites and important trips which only made me and my family decide to come back for an extensive visit.

So, this July we decided to make that special trip and spend time in the city, visit the major sites but do so at a very slow pace and enjoy the experience.  To that effect we devised an agenda (as much as possible) ahead of time.

That included several specific sites to be scheduled in each of our 5 days in the city.  Here is the itinerary we finally ended up running with:

  • Day 1:  Bosphorus Trip
  • Day 2: Turns out our Day 2 fell on a Tuesday, and as it turns out further, the Sultanhamet / Topokapi – Old Palace – is closed on Tuesday;   Long story short, as a result we ended up visiting Hagia Sophia – which is an amazing old church where you can find the amalgamation of multiple cultural and religious influences.  Very impressive
  • Turkey-Istanbul-Hagia-Sophia

    Hagia Sophia, Istanbul

    Hagia Sophia to Blue Mosque

    Looking from a Hagia Sophia window

  • Day 3:The day to visit Topkapi Palace – yes, it does take an incredibly long day to see all the wonders of the palace and enjoy the splendid views of the Bosphorus from the many verandas (my name for the terraces that exists in many corners of the palace and overlook the city and the Bosphorus).    So plan for a long day, bring lots of water, cool clothes if you are visiting in the summer, and of course many cameras – tons of great photo opportunities.   See here – just a couple of shot, but you get the picture :-) right…?
Topkapi Palace

Topkapi Palace, Istanbul 

This is one of the terraces from which you can get a great view and photo shots of the Galata bridge, Galata tower, and many other interesting sites in the area





  • Day 4: You can decide to explore the Asia side of Istanbul.  For that all you need to do is get a ferry ticket and cross to Kadikoy.  While on the Asian side – visiting Kadikoy, you can certainly experience the bit slower side of the city, have some good food and then return back to other parts of the city

Kadikoy Street

These are just some ideas of what and how while visiting Istanbul…. Enjoy! Drop me a note with questions…

Delta Airlines – Economy Seats on Some Domestic MD80-S80 Planes

There have been many articles over the last year about the incredible shrinkage of the economy seats on many US airlines.  Well this week I had 4 flights on American Airlines and 2 flights on Delta airlines.   Interestingly enough the two flights on Delta were both on MD80 / S80 aircraft, but seating wise (both in economy) wow, were they different.

Delta Airlines  Delta Airlines

As you can tell from the photos above (hopefully some idea) my knees were cramped into the seat infront of me.   There was NO ROOM whatsoever between my knees and the back of the seat infront of me.  And I was sitting completely flush with the seat and back of my seat – no slumping or reclining.  Most of the flight (which thanks for small mercies) was only an hour or so in duration I spent as if sitting at attention in the principle’s office.  All in all a terrible experience!

The reason I think this was specially configured for density plane is that my second flight that same day was on a MD80 as well but this time on an older plane and one where I had at least 2 inches between my knees and the seat back infront of me.

Go figure!  I love the old plane(s) I guess and good luck to all of us on a new Delta plane….Or reach deeper into your wallet and pay for that upgraded seat…!

What a shame…!