Travel in Bansko, Bulgaria, part 2

So we continue with the trip in Bansko. Once in the hotel (we stayed at the Kempinski on the outskirts of town) you are almost a stone throw away from a great mountain park. Here are some images to give you an idea about the location of the hotel:
Kempinski hotel Kempinski View from Kempinski view from the hotel towards the Pirin mountain. As you can tell the high peaks, skiing and hiking are all near by

If you leave from the hotel, turn right and head up the street you will encounter one of the many entrances to the mountain park. Drive or hike up the road and you will come to many beautiful ski lodges, hotels, and just wonderful nature. Here are some more photos:

Pirin peaks Wild flowers Sarah with flowers in the Pirin mountain Pirin Ski Lift Wild flowers
Climb or drive up the road and you will find many places where you can park your car (if you drove) and from there embark on a hike for a few hours or a day. You will enjoy it.

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