Beijing Botanical Gardens and WoFu Temple

In the cold winter days of Beijing it is good to remember the nice sunny weather of the summer — that is when I remembered about our visits to the Beijing Botanical Garden. The Garden is located near the West Hills in a nice wooded part of the city outskirts. It is a nice place to escape in the summer as the garden itself has plenty of greenery, nice walk through fountains and plenty of interesting plants to see. The complete Garden is comprised of:

  • The Ornamental Plant Section
    • Rose Garden
    • Ornamental Peach Garden
    • Tree Peony Garden
    • Herbaceous Peony Garden
    • Lilac Garden
    • Crabapple and Cotoneaster Garden
    • Magnolia Garden
    • Bamboo Garden
    • Perennial Garden
    • Aquatic Garden
    • Mume Flower Garden
  • Arboretum
    • Acer-Rosa Section + Coniferous Section + Tilia-Populus Section + Magnolia-Berberis Section + some other ones we did not see
  • and Glasshouses
    • Tropical and Subtropical conservatories
    • Here you can find also examples of Chinese Penjing — which includes Tree Penjing (also known in the west as bonsai), Water & Land penjing and Landscape penjing. Essentially all these forms of art are focused on recreating parts of a landscape in a very scaled down format. Some of the trees grown in those landscapes are over 100 years old — quite an accomplishment indeed! I must point out also that the art of penjing also has geographical / regional aspects. I did not quite see all different types but from what I understood from some exhibits, there are essentially Penjing styles in pretty much most provinces of China – e.g. Jiangsu, Guangdong, Guangxi, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Beijing, Fujian, Yangzhou, Anhui, Zhonzhou, and EVEN a Taiwan style.
  • Another interesting part of the Botanical Garden is the WoFu Temple – also known as the Temple of the Sleeping Buddha.

At any rate, you should plan a visit to the Gardens, and spend a day among beautiful trees as well as surrounded by colorful Chinese Halls in the WoFu temple.

You can see some images from both the Garden and WoFu temple in the Photo Album area of the blog. (Scroll to the area labeled Beijing Botanical Garden and WoFu Temple)

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