The situation with the Maglev Train in Shanghai – new developments

Many of you have probably looked for information on-line or from friends on how to get from Pudong airport to Shanghai. Right now one of the options is the famous Maglev train, which goes to Longyang station in Pudong. There has been a lot of debate as to the utility of the train as it goes only a relatively limited distance into Pudong and does not reach the older section of Shanghai proper — if you are using the Maglev train you will have to transfer to the #2 subway line or get into a cab to get to any destination in Shanghai (across the Bund) or in the business or residential districts of Pudong.

So, the local government had decided to extend the Maglev train to Hanghzhou — a neat idea, but as of last week that idea met with relatively strong opposition by local Shanghai residents. Check out the summary and video posted on Shanghaiist in an article on that protest

These developments have impact in several aspects — it is a sign of increasing awareness of local residents in their power to protest local government decisions, as well as support for the notion that “growth at all / or any cost” is not acceptable in the now more affluent cities like Shanghai.

So, if you were planing on leveraging that cool Maglev train in your next trip to Hangzhou, you may have to plan alternative transportation 🙂 for time being…

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