Places to See in China / Beijing — Beijing DongYue Temple Visit

One of the less visited temples in Beijing is the DongYue (East-Mount) Temple. This Taoist temple is located at 141 DongYueMiao ,ChaowaiDaJie in ChaoYang district of Beijing (interestingly enough it is right across the street from busy shopping malls), but often overlooked.

If you want to visit you can take a cab to the address above or use the subway. The temple is located near by the Chaoyangmen station.

DaoistTemple_Beijing2small.JPG The temple has been rebuilt in multiple dynasties since its establishment in the 14th century DaoistTemple_BeijingStoneTabletsSmall.JPG The stone tablets in the temple represent apparently one of the largest collection of those in China. Some of the 90+ tablets are inscribed by famous caligraphers and date back to the centuries of the temple’s first operation.

Today the temple is a nice place to visit and both experience some very interesting architecture and get a glimpse of Taoism, as well as just to enjoy the piece and quiet of its many courtyards. Here an older Chinese gentleman is enjoying an exercise…. DongYueTemple_morninSmall.JPG