More on Air Travel in China – Also an observation about what services and products support need to be

About a year ago I posted on some of my experiences with how Chinese airlines manage delays and overall information to passengers…Well, it seems that a boiling over point has been reached for travelers in China. Recent article posted by Reuters provides a view of the activism performed by those travelers — taking matter in their own hands, they decided to stay on-board the canceled flight…

I have been in some of those situations — not staying on the plane – but having a whole bunch of passengers surrounding the airline representatives and not letting them leave until they resolve the situation with the delayed or canceled flight.

For those of you who believe that in China, consumers are not demanding, think twice…. This is one of the most challenging markets, or rather China has become extremely challenging place for companies who fail to meet expectations of the Chinese consumer. This latest report is just one example of the extremes you may experience as a product or service provider in China.

Sure, there are airline delays and flight cancellations in many places around the world, but few are the cases where passengers have done the act of staying on-board the aircraft and demanding action by the airline, while at the same time being served by the flight attendants….Quite something.

All in all, this can be viewed also as a red flag to companies who are planning market entry into the Chinese market…

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