Update on travel logistics in Shanghai – Pudong (high speed rail and taxi fares)

It seems like the topic of transportation costs in Shanghai is constantly on the front of many people (travelers and residents alike). So I wanted to add a short paragraph on what I consider cost and time effective ways to move from Pudong airport to several points of interest in Shanghai. Keep in mind that I include in this summary the value of time — i.e. what may be a relatively quick way to get to those points around the city (I exclude using buses in this as they are a slow (in my opinion) way to get you where you are headed)

Once you arrive at Pudong airport (or using the same in reverse for heading out), you should consider getting on the Maglev (high speed) train. There are plenty of signs around the airport to get you to the train terminal. When buying a ticket for it, show your boarding pass from the flight you just took (or the one you will be taking, if on the way to Pudong Airport) and you will get a discount on the ticket. One way fare (to Longyang station) will be RMB40.

Upon arrival at Longyang train station you have a couple of options

  • Transfer on a subway line
  • Get to where you are going via a cab

If your choice is the second — travel via cab (due to lets say having too much luggage with you), here are the costs to some notable areas/places:

  • Hong Qiao Airport (yes, I know, you just arrived but what if you have to transfer to another flight, or take a flight a couple of days later…..) — the cost is approximately RMB80
  • Xu JIa Hui (so you can visit friends, relax in a new trendy caffee….or just shop at Carrefour ) — RMB50
  • People’s Square (you can get there via subway line #2 as well) — RMB40
  • The Bund — RMB40
  • Shanghai Railroad station — RMB60
  • The Oriental Pearl Tower (in Pudong) — RMB30
  • Renaissance Hotel (in Pudong) — RMB12
  • International Expo Center (in Pudong) — RMB11
  • Carrefour, Best Buy, and other shops area in Pudong — RMB12

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