A View of Life in Beijing — What a better way than in photos

Just recently I was browsing through a bunch of my photos from the last few years and came across a whole bunch of photos from everyday life in Beijing….. This is by NO means a through look at this topic, but I thought, “Why not…” — many of these pictures do tell some aspects of life in this big city….


World Expo 2010, Shanghai, China — Quick View and Photos

On a recent trip to Shanghai, I had the opportunity to spend a brief amount of time visiting the World Expo 2010. Prior to going to the Expo, I must admit, I had tons of reservations — I am not much of a big crowds guy, so was not really enthusiastic about hitting the Expo grounds. But friends of mine convinced me and we spent 3 hours in a extremely high heat (it felt like sauna for sure) going around the exhibits.
Well, now that I have done it — I would say the experience was worth it. The place is pretty impressive. The crowds are massive but oh, well, if you have the chance it is worth it to brave them.
Here are photos from the areas I was able to visit:

The show appears to be well visited — the day I was there, I heard later on, on the local news, there were close to 0.5M visitors…. All in all the Expo 2010 own web site claims over 50M visitors…