Trip to Big Bend Parks in Texas

Hi folks, yes, the title of the posting is not in error — there are TWO parks with the name Big Bend in the South West corner of Texas — Big Bend State Park and Big Bend National Park.   Both pretty stunning….

This Thanksgiving holiday my family and I were able to make a brief visit to the area of the Big Bend Parks.  Just a few quick pointers and then I will simply link you to the photo albums with photos from the parks…. I think the photos are definitely a better way to describe the parks — by far a best way 🙂

In terms of place to stay — we spend one night in the Lajitas Golf Resort and Spa hotel

HC 70, Box 400
Lajitas, Texas 79852
phone 432.424.5000
fax 432.424.5001

And here is a link to the Photo Album on another page of this blog… Enjoy!


Those same pictures and others make excellent slide show — and with my trusted Mac and iMovie we made them somewhat exciting 🙂

Here is the link on YouTube: