Interesting approach to getting the article message out – or Not (not completely a travel article)

For those of you who are regularly interested in checking property prices around the globe this may be somewhat of an update – on Bulgarian properties….Or may be NOT!   Reading or not the article "Bulgarian property prices ‘have hit bottom’ brokers say – report"  you probably will end up not any smarter on the deals ahead of you in 2012…..

Funny how journalists write…. reading the headline you say "Oh, I must consider this a good time to buy….." then the article ends with a proclamation "property prices would remain around current levels, possibly with a slight decline"    Go figure 🙂    I can make such predictions as well and do not have to be an analyst for that!


More on Our Trip to Big Bend State Park and Big Bend National Park (both) Located in West Texas

Late last year my family and I took a trip to West Texas — after spending quite a bit of time traveling internationally (hey, what can you say – my daughter had Platinum frequent flyer status at age 6) we decided to give the famous American Road Trip a try.   So we packed one of our station wagons – a zippy 5-series with all wheel drive — and headed towards West Texas.  The result was actually a visually stunning experience – part of which I posted in the form of a slide show both in an earlier article here as well as on

Since then I decided to spend a few more minutes on the trip and add a short commentary about the Big Bend Parks.  So here it is:

After driving West on I-10 for several hours and passing Fort Stockton we finally saw an exit for Alpine – a town on our way to LaJita which itself is located between both parks (the State and National).   We passed through Alpine and noted that if isolation was our objective at a later time in our lives this was certainly one of the places we could count on for that purpose 🙂  And of course here is the Web site of the town — so if you so desire you could check it out for additional info…

Fun and poking jokes aside – Alpine could be a place for a hotel stay at reasonable prices (just keep in mind you are still a good couple of hours from the parks).  Here are the addresses / Web pages for several potential hotels in the town:

Listing of Hotels in Alpine, TX

Antelope Lodge

2310 Hwy. 90 W
(432) 837-2451
Alpine, TX  79830

Best Western Alpine Classic Inn

2401 Hwy. 90 E
Alpine, TX  79830
(432) 837-1530
Outdoor pool

Bien Venido Motel

809 E. Holland Ave. (Hwy. 90 W)
Alpine, TX  79830
(432) 837-3454

Hampton Inn Alpine

2607 Hwy. 90 W
Alpine, TX  79830
(432) 837-7344
Indoor pool / spa, fitness room

Highland Inn

1404 Hwy. 90 E
Alpine, TX  79830
(432) 837-5811

Holiday Inn Express & Suites

2004 Hwy. 90 E
Alpine, TX  79830
(432) 837-9597
Indoor pool, fitness room

Holland Hotel

209 W. Holland Ave. (Hwy. 90 W)
Alpine, TX  79830
(432) 837-2800

La Loma Inn

402 N. Peach Street at Hwy. 90 W
Alpine, TX  79830
(432) 837-3692

The Maverick Inn

1200 E. Holland Ave. (Hwy. 90 E)
Alpine, TX  79830
(432) 837-0628
Outdoor pool

Oak Tree Inn

2407 E. Holland Ave. (Hwy. 90 E)
Alpine, TX  79830
(432) 837-5711
Outdoor pool

Ramada Inn

2800 Hwy. 90 W
Alpine, TX  79830
(432) 837-1100
Indoor pool, fitness room

Sunday House Motor Inn

2010 Hwy. 90 E
Alpine, TX  79830
(432) 837-3363

Terlingua Ranch

16000 Terlingua Ranch Road
(432) 371-2416
65 miles south of Alpine
Outdoor pool

Value Lodge

2000 Hwy. 90 E
(432) 837-1200
Completely renovated in 2011


After passing through Alpine we eventually hit Terlingua and Lajitas where we were going to stay in a hotel.

In the afternoon on the day we arrived and checked in into our hotel, we decided to drive into the State Park and leave the national park for the next day.  The drive through the state park was beautiful and we took a number of pretty cool photos.   Eventually though our objective was to have a nice dinner in Presidio (on the US side of the border) – as earlier in the day one of the locals had recommended.    Well we did not fare well in Presidio.  The town had a very dangerous look about it.  We entered a couple of restaurants and in both cases did not feel comfortable sitting for a meal… Why ?   Well, we got all sort of weird looks from the patrons of both eateries.  I think the looks said "Who are you?  You are not from around here!   Get lost…."

So after long, long 30-second deliberation, we decided that life is short and we should leave, and seek other places back close to our hotel.   We finally ended up having a buffet dinner — essentially, fajitas — in the hotel restaurant, which was located in this restored old West town with what looked (at least to us) Old West flare….

On the second day we spent quite a bit more time finding and exploring the Texas National Park.   There were truly too many sites to describe…….so best will be to watch the slide show (please see the link at the beginning of this posting)

Then later that afternoon we decided that hiking and exploration on foot will hapen during our next visit and headed North towards civilization…..passed through the town of Marathon and then eventually at Fort Stockton got on I-10…



Based on what we heard from the park rangers, Big Bend is one of the least visited parks in the US given its remote location but it is also then the one with least impact from the modern life — therefore providing many opportunities to explore and see.   So we will definitely be BACK!




Bulgaria in the Winter — A Pictorial

This February I had to travel to Bulgaria unexpectedly… Spent a week in the country and manage to be there during a major winter weather — heavy snow fall, near disaster conditions (lucky for me not in the area where I was staying) and extremely cold weather (or at least so it seemed to me)

While in Bulgaria I managed to snap a bunch of photos during the time I dared to venture outside with a car…..Yes, there were days when I had to do it.   Believe me – it is pretty rough out there in the winter weather… And of course driving in the snow and ice took some getting used to, but what can you do, there was a need for it so had to do it….

Here is my photo album — some winter scapes: