How About a Pictorial from Life on the Streets of Beijing

I know that there are more and more photo albums out there – both professional and amateur sources generating tons of nice photos of the usual tourist attractions of historic and cosmopolitan Beijing, so I decided to put together something different. A Photo Album about everyday life in Beijing. I walk the streets of the city often enough, in different seasons to capture moments from the daily activities of its citizens. So may be this will be something interesting to you too.
I also need to look into my old photo albums (the old = actual printed photos) from the late 1980s (when I was a foreign student in Beijing and Shanghai) and create also an album from those days. So stay tuned. I will certainly create one.

Now, back to the photos from the 21st century Beijing. Enjoy!

Experimenting with GoGoBot – Decided to add a Widget from that Travel Portal

Hi folks, so I decided to add a new widget — if it works well, I will add more — there are certainly plenty of gogobot Widget I have uploaded to my account there already.  So here is the first one

Let me know what you think….

“New Map” of the US – Courtesy of the Oasis Restaurant in Austin, TX…

Recently friends of ours and my family went to the Oasis restaurant in Austin.  We like the place for many reasons, namely:

  • Nice view of the lake
  • Good food
  • Live Music (in my experience mostly on the weekends and Friday nights)
  • Eclectic sculptures around the property — every time we go there seems to be more of them 🙂

This time we also saw a funny map of the USA.  I could not resist and snapped a photo of it… What do you think the rest of the US thinks of it? I mean what would the folks from Maine or New York, or the Carolinas think of it?  Probably, not much !

A Texan's view of the US Map