Chicago Sunrise

Chicago Sunrise – A Beautiful Fall Morning

Why a Chicago sunrise posting? Sunrises are magical moments — when the new day begins – with a view to a new hope, new opportunities, fresh start.  I was thinking — photos are a great way to convey an idea.  Earlier in the year, as I was going through some photos I have taken at various airports around the world, I came across beautiful photos of a sunrise in Chicago.  So I thought, let me post them on this blog as they provide a different view of this interesting city.  

I took these photos from the window of the Admiral's Club (American Airlines — do not intend to advertise — but just to give you an idea of the location) at the O'Hare airport on a November morning, just after Thanksgiving.

I do not think I need to say anything more — the colors of the morning are amazing – I think….not much left to the photographer but just press the shutter….. Enjoy!

Chicago Sunrise
Beautiful view from Chicago
Chicago Sunrise
Chicago morning
Chicago Sunrise
Another Sunrise View of Chicago
Chicago Sunrise
Chicago in the distance
Chicago Sunrise
Chicago O'Hare Airport
Chicago Sunrise
Chicago Fall Morning


Comments on an article published by – “10 Ways to Survive Flying With Kids”


No, you do not need to "Survive" flying with kids. Is it challenging? Yes! it is. But you can make the best of it with some preparation and work with your kid(s). This in turn will not only help you have a better trip but will also turn your kid(s) into a seasoned and experienced traveller(s).

This was the article from But I have comments on most of the points being made — and those comments are also comming from my wife and I's personal experience.  So here we go:

Frommers and their visiting writers state:

  • Book early to ensure your airplane seats are together.

The recommendation is to book early and negotiate:  "…If you need to ask passengers to switch seats, try hard to make yourselves real and explain the situation. Other travelers are not obligated to switch seats and may have their reasons for needing a particular seat. Just stay calm and keep trying while being gracious.

Well not, really — you have no guarantee that your seats will be together.  The gate agent or check in agent can move the seats around in the last minute when you are getting your boarding pass! So you must be prepared to discuss and ask for the agents' help to get seats together
  • Stay organized, and be prepared for anything

 The recommendation from the article is:  "…"Being on time (or early) is key to making sure that you're not feeling rushed," McDermott says. "You won't be sweating the minutes if the lines are longer than usual at security or if you have to attend to an ill-timed diaper blowout … What has helped us is having decent carry-on luggage, like Osprey's Vector series. There are pockets and storage areas to keep things organized, but not so many that we can't find anything."

Sure — but arriving on time (or early if you need the time) is a universal truth!  When was the last time someone told you (when you travel without kids too) "You better take your time and arrive in the last minute".   The reality is in this day and age of crazy airport security checks, and complete inconsistency in how those checks are done you better plan for extra time.  So, with or without kids you will need to spend the time and be there on time!

  • Free up your hands by checking the stroller

The recommendation from the article is : "…If your child is young enough for you to carry in a baby carrier or sling, do that and check your stroller," Carlin says. "I think it's so much easier to do this than worry about folding up the stroller when going through security and then again at the gate. This is especially true if you're traveling alone."


Well, I am not sure what the writer thought here 🙂 !?!?  I bet had not had the experience to run through an airport to make a connection… At any rate, yes, bulky strollers are a problem, but the foldable "umbrella style" ones do a great job giving you mobility and fold to fit in any overhead compartment of a passenger plane.  USE THEM!  They will help you!
  • Keep the kids busy

The recommendation from the article is:    "…Most people would agree that the more "stuff" you have with you the better. Whether it's an iPad, an iPod, a laptop, or a portable DVD player, there are plenty of devices to load up with movies and games. "Most airlines, including Southwest, have a policy on headphone use, so some kid-sized headphones may be a good investment." Aside from the gadgets, "twist crayons in a zippered pencil pouch, a coloring book, and a simple spiral notebook are always in my backpack for my son."

My comment:  Sure — that is a good idea — my only issue is the approach.  Are you telling us (to the writer) that before all these gadgets were invented kids could not keep busy…? What happened to reading a good book on the plane?  Yes, that does work.

So all in all here is my suggestion for your upcoming trip with your kid(s) — no matter how old they are sit down with them and talk about the upcoming "adventure" — yes, you can position the trip even the plane ride as an adventure.  It worked in all cases when we did it.   Planes are exciting!  they are cool and take you to interesting places.  Do not pass your enxieties to your kids and all will be well.

To give you one specific example, I remember one of the first flights with our daughter across the Atlantic, when she was 3 — we started the "campaign" of discussing the upcoming flight (which was a 9-hour red eye) several days before the trip. We commented "every one gets on the plane, they eat dinner and then they go to sleep… That is what you do on this flight…"  Well it worked for us.  Our daughter was awake for about 2 hours of the flight had dinner in that time, and fell asleep after it.  And slept all the way till we were ready to land in Europe the next morning…. She has been a great traveller ever since.

Enjoy your travel….!  And plane trips!