Chicago Sunrise

Chicago Sunrise – A Beautiful Fall Morning

Why a Chicago sunrise posting? Sunrises are magical moments — when the new day begins – with a view to a new hope, new opportunities, fresh start.  I was thinking — photos are a great way to convey an idea.  Earlier in the year, as I was going through some photos I have taken at various airports around the world, I came across beautiful photos of a sunrise in Chicago.  So I thought, let me post them on this blog as they provide a different view of this interesting city.  

I took these photos from the window of the Admiral's Club (American Airlines — do not intend to advertise — but just to give you an idea of the location) at the O'Hare airport on a November morning, just after Thanksgiving.

I do not think I need to say anything more — the colors of the morning are amazing – I think….not much left to the photographer but just press the shutter….. Enjoy!

Chicago Sunrise
Beautiful view from Chicago
Chicago Sunrise
Chicago morning
Chicago Sunrise
Another Sunrise View of Chicago
Chicago Sunrise
Chicago in the distance
Chicago Sunrise
Chicago O'Hare Airport
Chicago Sunrise
Chicago Fall Morning


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