American Airlines – Kudos on Going Beyond the Call of Duty

American Airlines

These days amid the flury of various articles on missed flights and unhappy travellers, I wanted to congratulate American Airlines on getting a job well done and praise a number of American Airlines team members that made some miraculous happen on a recent international trip I took……This is a story of a brand new iPad which I thought I had lost and subsequently reaquired all within a week's round trip between Texas and India…!  

What are the odds you would say?!?!   Negligeable to Nill as my father in law liked to remark…. Please read the rest and comment if you would like.

The story started with me heading off on a many hour trip from Texas to Bangalore, India with connecting flights with stop overs in Chicago, London on the way to Bangalore.  So here I was in my seat as we were waiting to get  off the plane in London (after a 10-hour flight (almost)) and a significant delay due to weather in Chicago.  I was getting concerned about making my connection in London since I had to change Terminals, go through security etc.  With that on my mind, I managed to forget my iPad on the seat on the plane!  Out of all places….I was going to put it in my bag and then we started moving and I forgot….

The realization of me having left the iPad on the plane came about 10-minutes later as I was walking rapidly to the bus for Terminal 5.  Here where the story starts.  We contacted American Airlines and by the time I was boarding the flight to Bangalore I knew that several folks from American Airlines are looking into the case.

By the time I arrived in Bangalore — another 9+ hours later — and in my hotel — I learned that more news will come the following day.  24 hours needed to go by to have the potentially found iPad makes its way to lost and found.   Well a day later I was told "Yes, the iPad was located and will be possible to pick up from Termnal 3 on my way back through London"

So a week later – this past weekend – here I was landing in London and rushing from Terminal 5 to Terminal 3 – going through security and at this point in time I had only 30minutes left to the time my flight to New York was to take off.   I ended up at the Transfer desk of American Airlines at Terminal 3 and had a VERY helpful person there who was not only able to locate the iPad at an auxilary office but also have a person from the company run it to the gate — where I was headed so not to miss the flight.  

At the gate I had to tell the crew that there may be a person showing up bringing an iPad – and yes, that will be just great if they let him deliver it…. A helpful member of the crew told me that it will be fine but the plane won't wait….. which was fine with me.   Well folks, about no more than 5 minutes later as I was sitting on the plane, a guy with American logo jacket showed up and waived at me the newly found iPAD!   This was an amazing feat!  I could not believe it!  This iPad made if back to me — I really do not know what were the odds of this BUT – here it goes BIG THANKS TO ALL THE FOLKS FROM AMERICAN AIRLINES at the London Heathrow airport!   You made something really special and amazing happen!   Thank you

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