Air Pollution in Beijing

Air pollution in Beijing is becoming almost a regular article in various news and media outlets.   The most recent article is in the Financial Times from…. YES, April 1st 2013!  I looked back through this blog and found that I am writing on the topic just about every year.

Here is the article from

Air pollution is driving expatriates out of Beijing and making it harder for companies to recruit international talent, according to anecdotal accounts from diplomats, senior executives and businesses.

No official figures are available on how many people are planning to leave after three months of the worst air pollution on record in the Chinese capital. But companies that mainly serve foreign residents are bracing for an exodus around the middle of the year when the school term ends.

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At the same time I have experienced enough of the challenging climate and its air surprises to believe that the issue being raised by is real — folks are seriously considering their options on how to move to a different location.  The article states the opinion / experience of some of the expats — that their kids cannot go outside without face masks.  Yes, that is the case — I recall our daughter and her classmates not being allowed outisde during recess…..

Here is a photo from the area near the Astronomy Observatry in Central Beijing — you can judge for your self — this photo from late winter — February timeframe.

The Air Pollution in Beijing

So, you be the judge…!

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