Flight Attendants’ Luggage

I rarely post write ups on issues I experience while traveling. Why? Because all of us usually remember the good about a trip rather than the bad. So to that extent, well, I prefer to focus on the positive about my trips. This time around though I think I will have to voice my gripes — in this case – about the flight attendants' practices of using overhead bin space for their own luggage.

On my last flight, on a Friday evening, while headed home after a business trip, the first of two flights I had to take was delayed by quite a bit of time (over 40-minutes) as a result we flew late into Dallas where I was to take my next flight going home.  Lucky for me the flights were all delayed so I was able to make it on board of a delayed flight (thank you AA gate agent).   

But as I was one of the last passengers on board – I had to check-in my roll a board bag.  I was not enthusiastic about it, but oh, well I WAS GOING home….

My surprise came when we landed and I saw that a whole overhead bin next to my seat was taken by luggage of one of the flight attendants!  Yet I could not bring my luggage on board — and I had to put my briefcase under the seat due to the lack of overhead bin space.   

Now, why is the flight attendant using that space???? She can use the luggage stowage that is at the front of the plane and allocated for the crew!  My bet was that she just wanted to be near her suitcases in case she wanted to retrieve something…. NICE !

So, if anyone from American Airlines is reading — yes, I like your airline, but REALLY?! please instruct your flight attendants to leave the luggage compartment to the passengers…!  After all it is intended for them…!