Carry-on Bags for Air Travellers

I have always wandered what is on the mind of the air traveller (seasoned pro or someone who takes a flight or two or rarely) when they start pushing a bag in the overhead bins of the plane they have just boarded…I see a lot of amuzing and in some cases dangerous (for their fellow passengers) exercises – as folks try to shove and push a bag into the luggage compartment of a plane.

What it boils down to is some thinking prior to heading to the airport.  You need to have the "RIGHT" carry-on bag.  Otherwise you may be very frustrated or worse – having your bag to be checked…

So, what are the good carry-on bags?  Here is a list based on my experience and that of people I know:

The list I have organized here is my persnal preference – and is based on the combination of characteristics like (a) price for the luggage; (b) convenience of use; (c) easiness of carrying it; (d) organization capabilites it provdes

Here we go:

  1. Kirkland Signature 21.5 Expandable Carry-On – I own one of those and am proud to say have owned the previous version of this one as well.  Kirkland Signature Carry-onI have over 1.5million miles logged on my previous one — the current one I own is barely 1 year old and holding well
  2. Delsey Helium – I own the larger versions of these bags.  Must admit have not used this particular model but judging by my other experience with Delsey and the organization capabilities this model offers – this carry on bag is a solid product to use.   it offers a padded laptop sleeve so you can easily access your laptop if you have packed it in the roll aboard.
  3. Briggs and Riley Explore 19 Upright:  This is a more utalitarian look bag.  In has in-line rollers (similar to the Kirkland one above) and in a way resembles more a backpack rather than a suitcase, but it is a strong one and per the manufacturer offers warranty even for damage caused by the airlines.  I think that is cool — but check on it at the time you are buying it.    
  4. Samsonite Hyperspace 21.5 Carry-On Spinner:  This is a bag which offers good features – i.e. spinner wheels which is a great feature for manuevers when in a rush at the ariport.  It has also a couple of external pockets for easy access (e.g. for your toiletries – as you cross through security). The Samsonite has one draw back – it is heavy…
  5. IT Luggage – World's Lightest Carry On: this is a claim by the manufacturer.  And it appears to be true.  The bag is really lightweight – a traveller'smajor plus  but there are also negatives about it – the same reason the bag is very light makes it also vulnerable if it has to be checked in that one time when you may not be able to find overhead bin space and/or the plane is one of the regional jets…So be weary about this.  The bag offers little structural protection for your content but hey it is very light.