Marco Island Florida Sunsets

Florida Sunset

Florida Sunsets

Florida is famous for its beaches, warm ocean, great sea life as well as opportunities to observe various birds, alligators in the everglades…But even if you get to see all this you should not miss another great experience – observing the sunset over the ocean.  There are many places to do so.  Recently our family visited (for a second time) Marco Island – located south of Naples, FL

 To give you a bit of a point of reference – please see the Google Map above…

If you are in the Naples or Marco Island area there are many places to see a great sunset. Many Web sites refer to the Naples pier as a great place to observe it – while that may be the case – Marco Island’s beaches offer a great vantage point as well – and so do the hotels that line up the island.  So, let’s get to the point — here are several albums of Florida sunsets – as seen from Marco Island – with photos untouched by editing software. Enjoy!

Crowd Reporting – Speed of Information in the Digital Age

Crowd reporting – it is real and happening all around us – whether the traditional media likes it or not…Pundits argue on its objectivity, but I believe many of us encounter it very frequently.

I was at the DFW (Dallas-Ft.Worth) international airport recently (less than a week ago) waiting for my flight in the Admirals’ Club — it was an early morning and the club was filling up with the business traveler crowd quickly…As I was waiting all of sudden a distant smoke caught my attention — it looked like something was burning at the edge of one of the runaways.

Dallas Admirals Club View of Runaway

By the time I decided to get closer to the windows in an attempt to see what was going on, a crowd of people with smart phones poised to take pictures had already gathered.  Soon enough we decided that this was most likely a training exercise of the local fire department as we can see a whole bunch of emergency vehicles and a badly burnt (from many such exercises we figured) air plane frame.   So all was well – no need to sound the alarms.

What amazed me though was the speed with which people gathered, camera phones went out and everyone was ready to record and report…

Which makes me wonder – can information nowadays travel any faster…Has this been a real emergency – the photos and information would have gone out to the community within minutes…

All in all, I believe this proves how powerful community information sharing and exchange can be and that we are really living in a digital age of information…


Continuing to Add to This Blog’s Photo Library

I have always stated that travel and photography are very much intertwined.  It is important to provide descriptions and guidance to our readers on the special aspects of a given place around the world, but inevitably, photos from the described locations provide a lot more or at least additional insight.

Therefore I have been trying to organize a large library of photo albums from the places this blog talks about.

The newest addition to the library are albums from my several visits to Antwerp – a beautiful and history rich Belgian city – which of course I highly recommend visiting.


Belgium Antwerp

Airline Secrets – Being Bumped on a Flight and Your Rights

Many of you have probably experienced the situation where you (and many fellow passengers) are waiting for your flight only to hear that the flight is oversold and the airline is looking for volunteers with flexible schedules to give up their seats in return for a later flight and a voucher for ‘free’ travel within the next year…

There are several things that you need to be aware of in this situation – per the US Department of Transportation:

  1. The airlines are allowed to overbook / oversell the capacity of their flights.
  2. If the airline gets you to your final destination within 1 hour of the original arrival time, there is no compensation required
  3. If the airline arranges for you to get to your final destination between 1 and 2 hours after the original arrival time (for domestic flights) and within 4 hours for international flights, the airline must compensate you with amount equal to 200% of the one way fare to that destination on that day up to $650 maximum
  4. If the amount of time exceeds the hours listed in 3 above or the airlines does not arrange for alternate flights – then your compensation jumps to 400% of the fare or $1300 maximum

Now comes the key secret many of us (me included until recently) are not aware of – the primary form of compensation is expected to be a check!  Not a voucher for a future flight – as it is usually advertised and offered by the airline…!

In other words – we are entitled to cash rather than a voucher which you will find very difficult to use in many cases…

The airline is allowed to offer you a voucher / free tickets – but You have the right to demand a check if that is your preference.

airport runway