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Premium Economy Seats – Excellent Choice for Long Haul Travel

Air travel is not easy!  I believe most of you will agree to that statement…Why?  Because over the years, most travelers have focused on how to get low cost tickets and the airlines have responded by cramming increasing number of seats in the same aircraft.   Net-net seats have become smaller, the seat pitch shorter, and so on and so on…all in all – literary, a painful experience.

These days, though, the airlines have decided to add some comfort back as an option – for those of us who are willing to pay of course.  The next question then becomes – is it worth it?   In my experience based opinion – YES!!!

Earlier in the year I published a summary of the airlines that offer (based on my experience) premium economy seats.  Now some more details.  Here we go

  • Japan Airlines – for those who will travel from Asia to the US or from many US cities to Japan and other destinations in Asia – this is a good choice of an airline.  Their Premium Economy seats offer tons of leg and body room and conveniences like AC power outlets. 12-inch displays, USB connector…see below

Japan AirlinesJapan Airlines

Japan Airlines





Side note: even the economy seat on Japan Airlines has 34-inch pitch and AC power outlets

    • Qantas: in comparison their Premium Economy seat only has a 10.6-inch display — same as the display in the Japan Airlines regular Economy class…The seats are not bad though – they are large ranging from 38-inches to 42-inches
    • Air New Zealand – I have not traveled with this airline but apparently their seats in premium economy are very neat – allowing for two companions to travel in style..

Cathay Pacific

  • Cathay Pacific – I have very good experiences with this airline and their premium economy service – even on a short haul flight between Hong Kong and Taipei…you can enjoy.  The seat pitch is 38-inches and the meals are very nice!


  • Thai AirlinesThai offers a very large premium economy seat – 42-inches of pitch; Unfortunately you cannot fly Thai from the US.  Need to get to Europe first and then fly on that airlines.  I have flown the airline from Beijing to Bangkok – a good flight…



So if you are headed on a long 10+ hour flight — it is a good idea to consider the Premium Economy offerings of the airlines.  Safe Travels!


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