American Airlines Chicago Beijing Flight in Business Class

Coincidences are always great. Earlier in April I flew from Chicago to Beijing on American Airlines Boeing 777-200 a 12 hours 50 minute flight which of course can be tiring.  I have done that flight in all classes – First, Business and Coach.  The coincidence I am referring here is that just as I had done this flight in Business Class, I came across the review of the same flight in First – so of course I wanted to compare the two experiences

Per the reviewer there were some good and some bad things about the flight

  • Amenity kit:  surprisingly essentially the same – please see below

American Airlines Amenity Kit in BusinessAmerican Airlines First Class Amenity




from Boarding Area Blog


Not easy to see from the BoardingArea Blog – but the amenity kits are essentially the same..

  • Then we go to the food:  The Boarding Area blog reviewer was VERY disappointed by the quality of the food in first class.   Interestingly enough – I had the same selection – the reviewer had pan seared sea bass — so did I.  Here are the images:

American Airlines Food American Airlines Food




The business class meal



The First class meal




Well, aside from the presentation of the food, I could not tell much of the difference in the fish.  Actually, mine was not half-bad….

  • Then off to the dessert:  I had a great selection – either ice cream (as in the first class posting) or a very nice tiramisu parfait

American Airlines Dessert Business class meal dessert







So all in all, I think my experience in business class on exactly the same flight (may be not the same date) of American Airlines was actually a LOT more satisfying – especially given the price difference in the two tickets I am sure!!!

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