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Shenzhen Sea WorldI wanted to add another posting about potential sites for you to visit while in Shenzhen.  This one is the Sea World Park / Plaza — a mix of commercial and entertainment area in the Shekou area of the city.  The area is VERY popular with the Shenzhen crowd due to its nice entertainment and food options.  Location-wise it has access to both the metro and local taxi cabs.  Here is a map to help you find it…


Sea World was opened as an entertainment center in 2003 with a key attraction for it being the MingHua ship and the dancing waves/fountains.

Shenzhen Sea World

Of course the other aspect of the area are the numerous restaurants and pubs/bars

In case you need to show an address to your taxi driver – you can use this one:  深圳市南山区蛇口海上世界环船广场C-005

Well, that is it for time being… Enjoy!

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