Shenzhen Dameisha

Visit to Dameisha near Shenzhen

Dameisha ShenzhenDameisha Resort – experience during Labor Day weekend…

What do you do on Chinese Labor Day (Lao Dong Jie – 劳动节) – of course if you are in China…. May 1st is the official Labor Day in China.  It used to be a reason for a Golden Week holiday – i.e. a whole week off, but in the last several years this holiday changed to a day long only event.  This year it fell on a Friday which made it a 3-day holiday across the country – a good thing and a bad thing.  Tons of people went on traveling leveraging the 3-day weekend.

Given the time available I decided to check Dameisha – the trip there requires at least 1/2 day.  My recommendation – take a cab from Shenzhen – even with the major traffic jams on the way (as you can tell from the photo above) – the fare was in the 140RMB range.

Shenzhen DameishaThe scenic area is located on Dapeng Bay in Yantai district of the metro Shenzhen area.  The drive was long but only because of the heavy traffic which my driver assured me was due to the May 1st holiday crowd.  Should be much better other times of the year.   The area is heavily built up with villas, local hotels (and a lonely Sheraton), and condo buildings – this relatively high end housing units show the high interest in the area by many… The area includes a long beach – estimated close to 2km in length.  Overall, in many places that will not be a big beach, but in China it is.  The beach is actually pretty scenic if it were not for the heavy crowds.    Here are some photos from the beach area – it is rather busy, isn’t it…?

Shenzhen Dameisha

Shenzhen DameishaDameisha Shenzhen




So, should you go to Dameisha beach?   My recommendation is NOT glowing!  Why ?  Well you can judge by yourself given the photos below – or at least, avoid it during national holidays!  My guestimate though – probably best to visit in the winter!  Why?  Most likely to have fewer people.

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