Bulgaria: Pirin Mountain Lakes – Continued

Earlier last week I posted a quick snippet of information about a beautiful corner of Bulgaria – the Pirin mountains and Pirin National Park.  As mentioned, you have good access to the mountains and park from the town of Bansko.

Today – let’s take a look specifically at the way to get to a couple of the glacier fed high mountain lakes — they are amazing in their severe beauty and well worth the good work out you will get getting there from the starting point we used.

From Bansko we drove in the direction on Banderishka poliana, (you can also get to it via the Gondola Lift from Bansko), and drove from there in the direction of Banderitsa Challet, where you could park and hike further up the mountain, or continue a while longer and park on the road and continue with a hike to the Vihren Challet – which is really the starting point for the hike to many of the lakes in the region.   The photo below is a composite MAP and photos I pulled together to give you both a map idea of the Vihren Challet and trail to a few of the lakes as well as a few photos of the lakes and scenery – i.e. to show you the hike is WELL WORTH it.


Some additional advice for your hike:

  1. Make sure you find a place to park close to the Vihren Challet – unless you drive up early in the morning – it is not likely that you will find parking space at the Challet, so plan to park on a safe space along the side of the road
  2. Bring water with you.  The hike is long and even though the air temperature is very comfortable – on our hike the weather was great: sunny, around 85F…but it is very dry and you can get quickly dehydrated.
  3. Comfortable, preferably hiking shoes – enough said!
  4. Map – pick up one from your hotel or Bansko, information center
  5. Some snacks / food — you will spend around 3 hours on the trail
  6. CAMERA!!! Of course – you will take tons of photos – the mountain, peaks, lakes, plants are incredibly beautiful

Enjoy your trip!

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