Kadikoy – a Day Trip from Istanbul

Kadikoy Day Trip

Kadikoy as I already mentioned in a previous posting earlier this week, is located on the Asian side of Istanbul.  It is an interesting place to visit for a number of reasons, but from a tourist standpoint, those reasons are mainly food and fun.  Istanbul is a huge city (I think the latest estimates have it close to 15-million residents?  not exactly sure), and it is a city that straddles two continents.  Think about it – when was the last time when you can have breakfast in Europe, walk to a ferry station and 4-Turkish lira later have brunch in a seaside cafe in Asia…

Welcome to Kadikoy!

Istanbul-FerryAs you guessed probably already, the trip to Kadikoy starts with a ferry ride.  Şehir Hatları and other ferry companies offer rides across the Bosphorus and make it to the Asian side.  The ride is cheap and of course it also offers great photo opportunities as you can tell from the many images I have on this blog to various sites seen from the water.

Istanbul-Ferry  Kadikoy-Istanbul  Ferry-boat-Bosphorus

Once you are in Kadikoy, there are many places, restaurants, cafes to enjoy.


There are plenty of great shops selling Turkish delight, Halva, and other interesting and tasty sweets.

There are other markets – it appears Kadikoy is certainly famous for its markets – you want fish, you desire olives, yes, it is very likely you will find it here…

Kadikoy   Kadikoy  Kadikoy

The neighborhood streets are not easy to navigate – we could not find enough street signs in the back areas, so it will be good to have good bearings as to where you are headed to and of course prepare ahead of time.  One pointer – the main shopping areas is good to explore starting from the bull statue – see photo above – the intersection of six roads, among them, Bahariye Avenue, Söğütlü Çeşme Avenue, leading to the coast, and of course, the shopping corridor.

KadikoyIf you are looking for local arts people, you will need to find the street with the statue of Ali Suavi (see photo here), a unique monument to Ali Suavi – per my understanding from local guide – one of the first progressive Ottoman political figures.  Ali Suavi was apparently a thinker,teacher, theologian, and reformer, and an activist against the Ottoman sultan…hence a reformer.  At any rate, the street with his name has a bunch of eclectic stores and artisans offering various types of jewelry, and other crafts.

All in all, Kadikoy offers a nice addition to your travels around Istanbul.  It is worth the day trip and is certainly accessible within that one day.   Plan well and Enjoy!


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