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Crowds at the Shanghai Bund – When Not to Go

Shanghai Bund

It seems like every tourist, expat, and resident or visitor likes to go visit and experience the Shanghai Bund.  Yes, it is a very popular attraction and has been one for many, many years.

Yesterday, my family and I decided to go check it out.  We had dinner and decided to head to East Nanjing street and from there walk to the Bund.

Well, it turns out, that idea was something several hundred thousand (may be million) others in Shanghai had as well.

China Shanghai The Bund

The crowds walking the streets feeding the Huangpu promenade were extremely large

Once we got to the place, we were astonished to find even larger sets of people…. Live and learn, strong recommendation – unless you really need to visit on the weekend – then just try to avoid making the trip.

Check these photos for yourself – and you will know what I mean:

Shanghai, the Bund, CrowdsAs you can see – you and "one million" people will be here – and you will have a wonderful time avoiding the elbows and shoving and eventually you will get to the edge of the promenade and be able to see some cool views – but then may be you can do that at a time when fewer people are there….

If you want to see the sites in the daylight – go early in the morning (even on the weekends) on an early Saturday morning you will have plenty of elbow room 🙂 

If you want to see the cool night lights – then try a weekday night.

Shanghai, Pudong, Oriental Pearl TowerEnjoy!



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