Shanghai: Yu Gardens and Qibao Old Town

Yu Yuan – Yu Garden

I think Shanghai has plenty of well known places to visit – many of them are worth the trip as they are spectacular, but some while beautiful, have become overrun by visitors and are rather tough to experience and enjoy.  I chalk the Yu Gardens (Yu Yuan) to that category.

China, Shanghai, Yu Yuan, Yu Garden China, Shanghai, Yu Garden 

Visited yesterday, on a Saturday mid-day.  The place was purely packed with people – no other way to put it.  If you do want to come and see it, first read through some of the background information on the area – to help you understand the history – then may ne uou can enjoy it some more (besides the overwhelming number of people around)

The Garden was supposedely built during the Ming dynasty around 400 years ago.   The main attractions are just the beautiful architecture and the interesting settings of water features and multi-turns bridge.  

Overall, you need to visit the place in order to gather a better feel for its beauty and significance.

Now, if you prefer something a bit more authethic, you may be better off in visiting Qibao

Qibao is one of the many water towns located around Shanghai.  It is believed the town was built in the 10th century A.D. during the Song dynasty.  

You can jump on the number 9 metro line and look for the Qibao stop.  Once you are there, look for the number 2 exit which will bring you to signs for the Qibao Old Street.

China, Shanghai, Qibao
Qibao Old Town

Overall, come here to experience the views and interesting architecture.  May be you can even find some wood or souveniers to buy….Up to you….

Check out the photo album I have added at the Travel Photo Web site.  I will keep adding albums there.

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