Yu Gardens – People Watching at Best

Yu Gardens People Watching

China, Shanghai, Yu GardensIn the previous posting I talked about Yu Gardens and the fact that you want to avoid the weekend crowds.  Now, one potential beneficial aspect of the large crowds on the weekend is the ability to do some people watching and catch some cute photos.

As we walked from the metro station to the area, we were quickly surrounded my a large number of people – having the same idea as us — or I should say our daughter's "…we have time, let's go to the park…"

Our daughter who has spent a significant amount of time in China over the years, starting from the age of 5….all of a sudden decided that she has not really seen the gardens and before she heads back the the States for college, wanted to get her fix of old China architecture.   So last Saturday, we jumped on the metro and headed to the gardens…..did I say before 🙂 together with a few others 🙂

As we were approaching the Yu Yuan we came across an interesting gathering – a local fruit concontion vendor was filming a promotional act for how good their mango drink and fruit bowl is — so take a look at the photos below – the little girl in the photo is so great in her desire to sip as much as possible of the fruit juice…

China, Shanghai, Yu Yuan, Yu Gardens
Who is enjoying the mango drink…?
China, Shanghai, Yu Yuan, Yu Gardens, Mango
Another photo of the happy girls….

In the mean time — here is a link to a whole lot more photos from Yu Yuan.

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