China, Shanghai, Nanxiang, Yi Garden

Nanxiang – Ancient Yi Garden – Guyi Garden

Guyi Garden

Guyi Garden (古漪园) – Ancient Yi Garden is a beautiful park located in Nanxiang in North West Shanghai, just before Jiading.  The garden is one of the five classical gardens in Shanghai.  It was built during the reign period of Emperor JiaJing in the Ming Dynasty.

China, Shanghai, Nanxiang, Yi GardenThe park is large – with an approximate area (per signs inside) of approximately nine hectares.  It is divided into six scenic sections based on very different landscapes.  Based on that there are several key halls, lakes and areas – the Hall of Interest of the Wild, the Goose Playing Pond, the Pine and Crane Garden, the Verdant Green Garden, the Mandarin Duck Lake, and the Nanxiang Wall.  The Yi Garden is also famous for its many different types of bamboo – purple bamboo, sturdy bamboo, chopstick bamboo, Japanese bamboo, and big bright bamboo. 


China, Shanghai, Nanxiang, Yi GardenThere are plenty of places to explore while in the Garden – more than 20 halls, pavilions, chambers and verandas.  Then there are the Mid-lake Pavilion, Lacking-one-Corner Pavilion, the Hall of Interest of the Wild, Fragrant Snow Pavilion, Plum Blossom Hall, the Stone House, and some I did not even visit and did not record.   

Then there are the water lilies – there are tons of them in different colors and sizes.  You will really enjoy them.   Additionally, there are great shrubs and trees everywhere – and of course wonderful scenic spots all across the park.

I think the place is an oasis in the city of Shanghai – you can come here and enjoy some time to reflect and enjoy the beautiful scenery.   

How do you get here?   Well, really simple – get on line 11 and look for Nanxiang Station. Once there you can just use Google Maps or Baidu Maps and get to the Gu Yi Garden.   Included below are some more photos – but there is an album you can enjoy at my photo blog – check it out.

China, Shanghai, Nanxiang
Vendor just outside Yi Garden
 China, Shanghai, Nanxiang


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