Shanghai Markets: Shanghai Insect Market

Shanghai Insect Market

What is the Shanghai Insect Market?  Traditional markets are quickly disappearing in Shanghai.   As I posted earlier on this blog, the Dongtai Road Antique Market is now gone, closed forever – at least according to the locals in the area.   There is still one of the very traditional markets here though — the Flower and Bird Market (also known ast the Shanghai Insect Market). 

China, Shanghai, Insect MarketIf you are looking for it on the map you can search for Dongtai Road and XiZang Road and near a subway station Lao Xi Men – on line 8. 

The map on the left shows the market circled in red.  If you were looking for the Dongtai Road market, then once you go looking for it (it is GONE) then when you get to Liuhekou road and walk along it towards XiZang Road – across it you will see the entrance to the Flower and Bird market.

When you walk into the market, you will hear a whole lot of animal and bird noises – yes, this is an insect market – but there are some cats, bunnies and quite a bit of birds for sale and they do make a lot of noise….

Then you will also see all sort of other strange creatures – tons of turtles constantly trying to get out of the acquiriums they are kept in…. Many creatures for sure….

Well, I won't write a lot – you probably have already seen that on this blog – I like to show you things via photos.  Same in this post – this market is for sure one of the things you won't get on a Shanghai tour, but you should consider it as a way to see yet another part of real Shanghai.

China, Shanghai, Insect Market, Flower and Bird Market China, Shanghai, Insect Market, Flower and Bird Market China, Shanghai, Insect Market, Flower and Bird Market





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