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Flights in China – Do Not Rely On Airline Linkages

Flights in China

If you care about accumulating miles when you take flights in China, you need to ready the summary below.

So you bought a ticket as Air China, which is being operated by Junyao airlines. Your thinking is “Well, I am flying on Air China, and will get the benefits of the Star Alliance…”

Not so fast! It turns out, based on personal experience with exactly that case, Junyao does not care about your status on Air China or the Star Alliance…!

Too bad you paid for a CA (Air China code) flight 50% higher price than the same exact flight if purchased through Junyao.

This happened to me today. I tried to reason with the Junyao personnel at the Shenzhen airport – no luck… the nice gentleman I spoke with – who was sort of floor manager, told me “I understand your point, but in China the rules are different…”

My comment was – “…I understand but I wish that was disclaimed on the ticket or at time of purchase…”

The reality is that in China, product clarity is still a lot to be desired. So do not assume! The fact that you bought an Air China ticket does not mean you are getting the services associated with Air China. period!

Live and learn…!


Piece of advice to Air China – you will eventually get the wrath of unhappy passengers who will vote with their wallets –
That will be me on the next Shenzhen to Shanghai flight — not on Air China (or rather the “fake “ Air China) flight

That brings me to the other point associated with clear product definition in China. Fakes are a major topic in the country. People and industry are trying to eliminate them – but here you have it – a major airline failing to disclose significant detail….! Border line fake product….

Enough ranting – hopefully this will help you to protect your self from such a case

Happy travels!

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