China, Shanghai, AQI

Shanghai Good Day and Bad Air Quality Days

Bad Air Quality Days

Shanghai as you know has its good and some bad air quality days.  It is never logical as to when the bad ones will be…At least my friends and I have not found out what the sequence of events is that leads to those cases.

So with that in mind, we have learned to take the good ones with joy and figure out how to deal with the bad ones…In the winter the bad ones seem to outnumber the clear days unfortunately.

To see what I mean – take a look  at the photos below.  I  took them two days in a row – on a Monday and on a Tuesday morning at the same place – at LuJiaZui at the overpass near the number 2 metro line exit.  Two remarkably different days only 24 hours apart…

The Tuesday photos shows one of the bad air quality days – with AQI readings in the 200s … Unhealthy!

China, Shanghai, AQI
The good air quality day is nice to enjoy
China, Shanghai, AQI
This is the good air quality day view….
China, Shanghai, AQI
Bad Days
AQI over 200…Bad…
China, Shanghai, AQI
Unhealthy Day in Shanghai… AQI is above 200


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