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WiFi on Commercial Flights

WiFiIt is amazing how connected out lives have become. The a large percent of the population around the world, being ‘on-line’ is the norm, family and friends schedules revolve around shared calendars, news get announced via short messages (SMS or social media), and on and on.

Take away that connectivity and many feel completely isolated.

WiFiTo the effect airports and many airlines have started to offer WiFi connectivity on flights across North America, Asia and Europe.  Here in this article we will focus on the airlines offering WiFi (free or for a fee) service:


Airline WiFi Being Offered Comments
American Airlines Yes-Gogo service $16 pass for 24-hours (you can use on any airline with goo service
Alaska Yes – Gogo Services $1.95 to $39.95 on board or via
Delta Yes – Gogo services similar to American and Alaska; Next year will start new service
JetBlue Yes – Free! The only US airline to offer free WiFi service (I think)
Southwest Yes $8 flat rate on all Boeing 737-800, 700; Service is VERY slow though
Japan Airlines JAL Yes – Satellite based GoGo Service The fees vary by route;

Being offered on both domestic and international routes

Norwegian Yes, Free! On all Boeing 737-800 aircraft
 Lufthansa  Yes  9-euro to 17-euro (for 24 hours)
British Airways Only 1 route London to New York only $14 to $25
Turkish Airlines Some On some B777-300ERs and gradually on A330-300
United Yes Boeing 747 and 757; Also Gogo service
Virgin America Yes – Continental only Gogo Service from $2 to $39.95
Air France Trials Working with Orange since Summer 2015 – limited trials;

Had offered couple of flights only previously

Air Canada Yes Uses Gogo service – leverage pass from Gogo

Overall, the WiFi service is still relatively spotty.  It was interesting to discover that new flights on AA Boeing 777-300ER / 77W have started to offer WiFi for about $19 for international flights.  So hopefully better services are still ahead of us.


Delta Airlines – Economy Seats on Some Domestic MD80-S80 Planes

There have been many articles over the last year about the incredible shrinkage of the economy seats on many US airlines.  Well this week I had 4 flights on American Airlines and 2 flights on Delta airlines.   Interestingly enough the two flights on Delta were both on MD80 / S80 aircraft, but seating wise (both in economy) wow, were they different.

Delta Airlines  Delta Airlines

As you can tell from the photos above (hopefully some idea) my knees were cramped into the seat infront of me.   There was NO ROOM whatsoever between my knees and the back of the seat infront of me.  And I was sitting completely flush with the seat and back of my seat – no slumping or reclining.  Most of the flight (which thanks for small mercies) was only an hour or so in duration I spent as if sitting at attention in the principle’s office.  All in all a terrible experience!

The reason I think this was specially configured for density plane is that my second flight that same day was on a MD80 as well but this time on an older plane and one where I had at least 2 inches between my knees and the seat back infront of me.

Go figure!  I love the old plane(s) I guess and good luck to all of us on a new Delta plane….Or reach deeper into your wallet and pay for that upgraded seat…!

What a shame…!