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Shanghai: Places to Eat in Pudong – Yeshari Restaurant

Places to Eat in Pudong

What are the places to eat in Pudong?  Hm…there are many, but it is also difficult to determine which one to go to….So, I decided to start posting my own expereinces.

I earlier postings I am adding my personal experiences from eating out in Puxi.  Then I decided that I need to get more organized and might as well provide you with my experiences from both Puxi and Pudong.  So in this posting I will add the first of the reviews – this is a nice place to eat in Pudong on Dong Feng Road – not far – about 10-min walk from the Century Avenue Subway stop.

Yeshari Restaurant

The restaurant name is pronounced as follows:  Ye Li Xia Li Xin Jiang Fan Dian.   It is located at 918 Dongfang Lu, near Xiangcheng Lu, in Shanghai's Pudong District

The restaurant provides great selection of interesting food.  Dined in it a couple of times with my family. Then decided that I can have a good dinner with my team here as well… Overall, very affordable and authentic Xinjiang chain of restaurant with locations around the city.  The atmosphere is lively and packed, you will enjoy the great food options of beef, LAMB, chicken and fish…Great lamb skewers and roasted leg of lamb

This place is out of the way a little bit but if you live near by number 2 metro line, you can just jump on that subway, travel to the Century Avenue stop and from there walk about 10-minutes to the location.  Come early as the restaurant does not take reservations and you could end up with a long wait.   

One of the unique aspects of this place is the dance performance.  It is a bit weird from standpoint of covering Latin, Russian as well as XinJiang dance / music.  But overall interesting and a good performacne to see.

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To get to the restaurant, you can also show this to a taxi driver:  请带我去 东方路918号

You can find more good information on doing business and living in China / Shanghai with these eBooks:

For photo galleries from Shanghai, you can check out my photo blog… Would love to get your feedback…Enjoy!

Shanghai Views: Pudong Liujiazui at Night


Everyone (at least in Shanghai) knows Liujiazui as the financial district of the city (and may be of the country).  It is an impressive area of this fascinating city.

It is also somewhat of a symbolic aspect of the new, highly developed and powerful Shanghai.  Why is that?  Well, because of its location – Liujiazui is located directly across the river from the Old financial district of Shanghai – the Bund (Waitan) – which is where the famous Paris of the Orient was headquartered back in the day….

I like the area though for its innovative and aggressive architecture.   Most people coming to see Shanghai see it from a distance – from the Puxi area – as they go for the "mandatory" tour of fhe Bund.

In this posting I will give you a view and taste of it as you walk among the huge skyscrapers and see it also at night.

China, Shanghai, Pudong, Liujiazui
View of night Liujiazui
China, Shanghai, Pudong, Liujiazui
View of the Shanghai Tower as you approach the Liujiazui area

Enjoy the show – for more images from this fascinating place, check out the gallery published Travel Photo Blog – here is a link to the Liujiazui At Night gallery.

Crowds at the Shanghai Bund – When Not to Go

Shanghai Bund

It seems like every tourist, expat, and resident or visitor likes to go visit and experience the Shanghai Bund.  Yes, it is a very popular attraction and has been one for many, many years.

Yesterday, my family and I decided to go check it out.  We had dinner and decided to head to East Nanjing street and from there walk to the Bund.

Well, it turns out, that idea was something several hundred thousand (may be million) others in Shanghai had as well.

China Shanghai The Bund

The crowds walking the streets feeding the Huangpu promenade were extremely large

Once we got to the place, we were astonished to find even larger sets of people…. Live and learn, strong recommendation – unless you really need to visit on the weekend – then just try to avoid making the trip.

Check these photos for yourself – and you will know what I mean:

Shanghai, the Bund, CrowdsAs you can see – you and "one million" people will be here – and you will have a wonderful time avoiding the elbows and shoving and eventually you will get to the edge of the promenade and be able to see some cool views – but then may be you can do that at a time when fewer people are there….

If you want to see the sites in the daylight – go early in the morning (even on the weekends) on an early Saturday morning you will have plenty of elbow room 🙂 

If you want to see the cool night lights – then try a weekday night.

Shanghai, Pudong, Oriental Pearl TowerEnjoy!



Shanghai Skyline 上海

Shanghai Skyline

How about the Shanghai Skyline…?  You can see it below.  May be you can recognize some buildings that you know.  Or may be you will get excited and plan to visit the city.

China Shanghai Puxi Pudong

Shanghai Friday Night

Shanghai Friday Night


A picture is worth a thousand words, right….?  Shanghai-Waitan-on-a-Friday-Night….!

Morning Run – Shanghai Pudong Saturday

Morning Run – Shanghai Pudong Saturday

All of you most likely picture Shanghai as a place constantly crowded and hardly with any open spaces or areas free of crowds….Well, if you try hard – you can find the place and time where you will be (almost) alone….even…in Shanghai.

On Saturday morning I decided to go for a morning run / brisk walk in the area of the Shanghai International Conference Center and the Super Brands Mall and between the river and Binjiang Avenue.

Morning-Run-Pudong-river-parkYou all be very surprised to find a park nearly devoid of people even at 9am in the morning.  And here is the good part – you can stroll, run, stretch along the walkway along the Huangpu river and enjoy all this space to yourself.

Morning-Run-Shanghai-PudongAs you can see the park and its alleyways are very nice and comfortable for both taking in the views as well as having a good run

Morning-Run-China-Shanghai-PudongHow do you like this view…? From this vantage point you can see the buildings across Huangpu river

Shanghai-Pudong More views from the Bund – all the historic buildings (Peace Hotel…) seen from Pudong.

Shanghai-PudongSome of the old customs houses at the Bund – Good views from Pudong side…

Morning-Run-shanghai-pudong Where are the people?  Indeed…

Morning-run-Shanghai-Pudong-Running and more – ready for a run?  It is very humid and hot, but – hey, it is a great place to run and enjoy the views at the same time…

China-Shanghai-PudongThe entrance to the park…Although you can access the parkway along the Huangpu River from many points this being one of them.

Overall, this is the place to be on a weekend morning in Pudong – a place to be alone, able to exercise, enjoy the views and then eventually go to a nice brunch in the near by shopping mall area.  How do find the place, take a cab to the Shanghai International Conference Center or the Super Brands Mall, or the subway line 2 to the Super Brands Mall and from there walk towards the river…you will find the place.   Enjoy your run!