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Taipei Fall

Taipei Fall Collage


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Quick Trip to Hsinchu (Taiwan) — Interesting Sight at a Coffee Shop

A couple of weeks ago I had a quick trip to Taiwan and spent a day in business meetings in Hsinchu.  For lunch we made a quick dash to a local park where there was a coffee shop in really beautiful settings.  

Well, I took a few snaps of an interesting sight — a few dogs waiting for their owners outside of the coffee shop… They looked so eager to be inside….


Hsinchu Coffee Shop Sight
Dogs say "...We really want to be inside..."


Westin Taipei — Not a hotel I will recommend going forward….read why below

I published this review also on but wanted to include it on my blog as well for those of you who read one or the other….
So here we go — Last week I had the next opportunity to stay in the Westin Taipei. I have stayed there more than 4-5 times already over the past 4 years or so but have not taken much of an effort to review the hotel. This time around I thought it is time. Why…?
Well, because things have not been on the upswing there. It feels like the hotel has not done much to get upgrades and in this day of pretty tough competition, they are getting business travelers (I am guessing) only because of their association with the Westin hotel chain, which I think has a pretty good reputation and properties worldwide. Let me put it this way — Westin in China (e.g. Westin Shenzhen) and Westin Taipei — TWO VERY DIFFERENT EXPERIENCES.
The rooms are tired, and so are the bathrooms — there is nothing wrong per se with either one of them BUT for the price you are paying – they are out of date and lack by default some amenities – e.g. a toothbrush ! Sure, you can ask for them, but come on, who likes to call in late at night and ask and wait…..
Then comes the Buffet Breakfast — it is UNDERWHELMING at best! Again, for the price you are paying it is absolutely SUB PAR! The breakfast buffet is located in the basement of the hotel!!!! Really, hotel management….? You want to hide it that bad 🙂 ?
Overall — I would not be recommending this hotel any longer and will be looking for other options in Taipei…

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Now some modern photos from Taiwan


I will add more to this album — stay tuned this weekend