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Bulgarian Monasteries

Bulgarian monasteries are a place to visit…Bulgaria has a wide range of stunningly beautiful locations.  If you have time, you can really experience a wide range of sites.  Some of the most beautiful ones are the sites of ancient monasteries and nunneries.   So, here is a walk through some of those — via photo expeditions.  Keep in mind, I will just continue to add material as I locate it on my hard drive…. Happy travels!

Rilskia Manastir (the Rila Monastery)

Maglizh Monastery

Also known as Saint Nicholas Monastery  is located about 2 km / 1 miles north of the city Maglizh in the foothills of the Central Balkans range.  The monastery is about 13 km east of the city Kazanlak and about 33 km north of the city of Stara Zagora.  The monastery is estimated to have been built around the early 13th century A.D. although it has been burned and rebuilt many times over the centuries.  During the years of the Ottoman rule of Bulgaria, it has proved shelter for various local revolutionaries.  In the early 20th century the monastery was converted to a nunary and some nuns still live on the premises.  The monastery also offers some limitted accomodations for tourists




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