Photo Albums – Bulgaria – Bachkovo Monastery

Bulgaria – Bachkovo Monastery

This is a monastery that was established in the 11th century A.D. in Bulgaria.  The Bachkovo monastery (Бачковски манастирBachkovski manastir)  is one the oldest in Eastern Europe.  The only remaining structure from the original set of buildings is a church/crypt located about 900-feet East of the monastery.  

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After Bulgaria and its capital fell under the Ottoman empire the patriarch of the then Bulgarian church St. Patriarch Evtimii was sent in exile from Tqrnovo in the Bachkovo Monastery.

Bachkovo Monastery Only Original Structure 

Then in the 15th century A.D. the monastery was leveled to the ground by the Ottoman rullers.  The new buildings were started in the 17th century — the big table in the eating area (trapezaria) has an inscription dated as "year 1601"; The South courtyard was buit during 1834-1837;  At that time was also finished the church Sveti Nikolai (St. Nicholas) – its paintings done in 1840 by the most famous revival era artist in Bulgaria – Zahari Hristov Zograf (1810-1853)

Before entering the monastery



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