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This page provides information on where to find various items in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Bulgaria…


Beijing Shopping Resources
Prescription glasses PanjiayuanExit of 3rd loop road – stay immediately to the right and you will see a whole arcade of shops dealing with prescription glasses, sun glasses, contact lenses, lense cleaner, etc. from personal experience — having ordered glasses at these locations
HongQiao Market (near the Temple of Heaven) — you can find some stalls dealing with prescription glasses as well.
WangFuJing Street in the first floor of the shopping mall across from the International Bookstore


Beijing Curio City: West of Huwei Bridge, Dongsanhuannanlu, Chaoyang District

You have to be aware of the fact that you will not likely find any real antiques

Plus, overall you really do not want antiques anyway for many reasons, first of which is the potential trouble with exporting them when you are ready to leave

Hong Qiao Market: East Gate of the Temple of Heaven,

Chaowai Furniture Warehouse: located at 43 Huawei Bei Li, Chaoyang District

ShiChiHai Market: Back Gate of Beihai Park

Panjiayuan Curio & Antique Market: see above on this page

Hua Yi: Two locations:

1)89 Dongweilu, Jichangfudu, Chaoyang District
2) Jichangfudu, Beigao Exit, Chaoyang District.

Beijing Feng Huo Lun outside of the East 4th Ring Road

Christmas Ornaments:

HongQiao Marketnear TianTan – probably the best place to buy them especially if you buy large number. 

There are cloisonet, glass and other materials

I doubt you brought those from home 🙂

in which case if you are going to have a Christmas tree and be in the country might as well look for these places to buy some…

Silk Street on Jian Guo Men Avenue – probably pricier but then if you are buying a few ornaments only – could be the place for you
The Ladies Street (NurenJie) Market — near the Israel Embassy near SanYuan Bridge (off the 3rd loop road)
Clothing YaShou (雅秀市场) market near Workers' Stadium Address: 朝阳区工体北路58号 There are many options for clothes shopping in Beijing.  All markets offer different types of clothes — and of course there are the big shopping malls in mutliple areas of the city, as well as the foreign department stores like WalMart and Careforre
Wholesale Market Near Beijing Zoo
Sunny Gold market near Lido (DaShanZi area)
Toys & Jewelry Hong Qiao Market – near the Temple of Heaven – Tian Tan 天坛  



Shanghai Shopping Resources

Antiques / Currios Dong Tai Market — Dong Tai Road, near Xizang Nan Road (old records, photos, lanterns, porcelain, chopsticks, Mao memorabilia)  Open daily. Morning (in full swing by 9:30-10am) till sundown
   Yi Yuan area (豫园) Old Town Bazaar – Old Town Shanghai; South of Yan'an Road and the Bund;  
 TEA Tian Shan Tea Market – Zhongshan Xi Road #520 (中山西录520号) Open Daily 10am-6pm

HuXingTing Teahouse 湖心亭 – a tea house in old Shanghai in the Yi Yuan Gardens — a good place to do some people watching

it has hardly changed since the 1800s – except for the prices of course
All Things Books, Music, etc Shanghai Music Bookstore: No. 365, Middle Tibet Road Tel: 63223213
Shanghai Ancient Books Store: No. 424, Fuzhou Road Tel: 63223453
Shanghai Foreign Languages Bookstore: No. 390, Fuzhou Road Tel: 63223200
Shanghai Books City: No. 401, Fuzhou Road Tel: 63200651
Shanghai Fine Arts Articles Shop: No. 402, Fuzhou Road Tel: 63528706
Glasses, Swim Goggles Shanghai International Glasses City (上海国际眼镜城) in the Zhongxing Road 1688 ( 上海市闸北区中兴路1688号国际) out in Zhabei District. I have bought multiple pairs of glasses here
Clothing Xiangyang Market for clothes and other new stuff. It is located at the corner of Xiangyang Lu and Huaihai Lu  



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