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Having traveled to various places around the world, I have accumulated quite a number of experiences and information on travel, digital photos and overall (I think) interesting facts.  As a result I have published several eBooks which are accessible and available via  You can check them out, and may be EVEN buy them via the links below



In addition, I figure there could be a some digital assets (e.g. photos) or other items that the readers of this blog may find useful in their work or hobbies.  This page will be a jumping off place for reaching the various albums I have structured. In reality this blog has tons of media files on it and you may find different photos at different places on the Web pages – hopefully at the end you will find what you are looking for… If not just drop us a line – we can give you feedback and potentially email you a photo (if we have it) of what you are searching for.


Or you can go to the Travel Photos Blog and see for digital photos for purchase.

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