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Shanghai Air Quality – Another Challenging Day

Shanghai Air Quality 

Today is another challenging day for the Shanghai air quality index….and our lungs.   While Sunday was OK and almost at the edge of not being dangerous, today the situation changed quite a bit.   Not the first time (or the 5th ..)this is happening, but still each time causes a thought…

Pictures say a thousand words, right… So here it is:

China, Shanghai, Air Quality Index
Photo from Zhabei district, and AQI Summary from an App


Shanghai Blue Sky

Blue Sky

These days it seems to be the norm to be talking about the levels of pollution in China.  Some cities here seems like never get blue sky, so it is exciting to see a bright and sunny day happen.

Today is such a day in Shanghai….This morning the sky was clear and eventhough it is still pretty hot and humid – it was nice to see the clouds moving along and big swaths of blue sky everywhere 🙂

China Shanghai Puxi

Surprisingly also, the Air Quality Intdex – AQI – for Shanghai today at 9am was at 21…. For comparison, Austin, TX – which has very good air quality was at 37!

Good to see the progress the city of Shanghai is making!