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China Air Pollution – Shanghai and Beijing

China Air Pollution

China air pollution does not appear to improve.   I have lived on and off in the country for many years and this issue continues to be a major problem.  It pains me to write about it as the postings seem to repeat themselves.  You can see the earlier ones which include pictures, which are very similar to the ones I took earlier this week in Beijing and this morning in Shanghai.

The air pollution is a very well recognized problem in China.   It is talked about in many media outlets.  Dealing with it is underscored as a priority by the government.  It was included in the targets set by the 19th Congress last week in Beijing.   Li Ganjie, minister of environmental protection, described targets set for 2035 — see here

China, Shanghai, Air Pollution Until then – this is what you will have to face on days when the air quality is less than desirable…!

There are days in both Shanghai and Beijing, when the index shown in the phone snapshot here is much better.   This morning we woke up to an index which is out of the sky.  Literally, very often we may get hazy skies – but as you can see from the metrics on the page here, today is special!

 Included here is a photo from the Beijing Olympic Village area – as I saw it from the window of my hotel on a recent trip there

  China, Beijing, Air Pollution




So, in this posting I will include the comparisons of the good days here in Shanghai and the bad days (i.e. today) – you can see the side by side similar photos taken by me — no photoshop here….

China, Shanghai, Air Pollution
Shanghai Smog and Not…Same vantage point…
China, Shanghai, Air Pollution
Shanghai Smog and Not…Same vantage point…

All in all, this is something the country and its leadership must deal with soon.  it is tough to breathe the air and notice the pollution.  Having said that, China has made great strides in cleaning up many aspects of the cities and environment.  The air pollution must be dealt with next….