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Southwest Airlines – Gripes Abound…q

Southwest Airlines

Seems like this is the season of griping about the airlines abilities to make things work.

Last night was the night to experience (with bewilderment) the inability of Southwest Airlines, otherwise lauded for its efficiency, to operate a working IT system.  Here is the situation that unrolled last night, and you be the judge

* over the last 9 months or so I have called the airline on numerous occasions due to the fact that every time i checked in and printed a boarding pass I would not get a tsa pre on the boarding pass.  So each time I would call the airline and diligently explain that yes, I have a global entry, give them my number, the airline agent would apologize profusely and promise that the number is now in the airline database….

* this time again the whole rigamarole repeated in exact same fashion – print –> no tsa pre –> call –> apologies –>….

* this time around though as if the hassle is not enough already, Murfy’s Law added a step – the agent updated supposedly my record but the new boarding pass did NOT show that –  so next had to call in again

* except now we got disconnected twice by the alsouthwest airlines system while in the middle of calls…and once when the airline automated system called us back when our turn was up.   The system called us and promptly disconnected us which meant we had to call back in and get us on the call back list again for the next time period…

So, after 5 or 6 calls I finally was able to print my correctly updated boarding pass….

I cannot wait for my next trip on Southwest Airlines !   This is such a precious experience …. NOT!!!