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Kadikoy – a Day Trip from Istanbul

Kadikoy Day Trip

Kadikoy as I already mentioned in a previous posting earlier this week, is located on the Asian side of Istanbul.  It is an interesting place to visit for a number of reasons, but from a tourist standpoint, those reasons are mainly food and fun.  Istanbul is a huge city (I think the latest estimates have it close to 15-million residents?  not exactly sure), and it is a city that straddles two continents.  Think about it – when was the last time when you can have breakfast in Europe, walk to a ferry station and 4-Turkish lira later have brunch in a seaside cafe in Asia…

Welcome to Kadikoy!

Istanbul-FerryAs you guessed probably already, the trip to Kadikoy starts with a ferry ride.  Şehir Hatları and other ferry companies offer rides across the Bosphorus and make it to the Asian side.  The ride is cheap and of course it also offers great photo opportunities as you can tell from the many images I have on this blog to various sites seen from the water.

Istanbul-Ferry  Kadikoy-Istanbul  Ferry-boat-Bosphorus

Once you are in Kadikoy, there are many places, restaurants, cafes to enjoy.


There are plenty of great shops selling Turkish delight, Halva, and other interesting and tasty sweets.

There are other markets – it appears Kadikoy is certainly famous for its markets – you want fish, you desire olives, yes, it is very likely you will find it here…

Kadikoy   Kadikoy  Kadikoy

The neighborhood streets are not easy to navigate – we could not find enough street signs in the back areas, so it will be good to have good bearings as to where you are headed to and of course prepare ahead of time.  One pointer – the main shopping areas is good to explore starting from the bull statue – see photo above – the intersection of six roads, among them, Bahariye Avenue, Söğütlü Çeşme Avenue, leading to the coast, and of course, the shopping corridor.

KadikoyIf you are looking for local arts people, you will need to find the street with the statue of Ali Suavi (see photo here), a unique monument to Ali Suavi – per my understanding from local guide – one of the first progressive Ottoman political figures.  Ali Suavi was apparently a thinker,teacher, theologian, and reformer, and an activist against the Ottoman sultan…hence a reformer.  At any rate, the street with his name has a bunch of eclectic stores and artisans offering various types of jewelry, and other crafts.

All in all, Kadikoy offers a nice addition to your travels around Istanbul.  It is worth the day trip and is certainly accessible within that one day.   Plan well and Enjoy!


Kadikoy – Istanbul – The Asia Side

Kadikoy – Istanbul

If you are visiting Istanbul, you will enjoy a hop on the ferry from one of the many terminals on the European side and crossing over to the Asia side of this cosmopolitan city. To reach Kadikoy we boarded a ferry from Beşiktaş – and even the ferry ride itself was very enjoyable as it allows you to see the city and many of its sites from a different vantage point.


Kadikoy and its numerous cafes, restaurants, art shops, is considered by many as the cultural centre of the Anatolian side of Istanbul.  Enjoy!

Istanbul, a Few Photos a Day – Topkapi Palace

Istanbul Topkapi Palace

The Istanbul Topkapi Palace (otherwise known in Turkish as Topkapı Saray) is a large palace located in the old town of Istanbul and is currently a museum.   The palace served as a main residence of the Ottoman Sultans until about 1856.

The palace complex consists of four main courtyards and many smaller buildings – which combined together form an intricate set of courtyards and somewhat different from one another structures.

  Let’s take a look at some photos from the Palace…

You can actually find a lot more on the palace and its calendar of events on the official web page.   Enjoy!


Istanbul, a Few Photos a Day – Installment 4

Well, time to add some more photos from Istanbul.   Hopefully, by seeing those images you will develop an interest in visiting this incredible diverse and full of history city. This time around will share with you images from

  • Bomonti (the new part of the city) situated on a hill overlooking the ancient area with Hagia Sophia, Topkapi…
  • Hagia Sophia – just a few images and then will get to a story about this incredible church converted to a mosque – in subsequent posting
  • Topkapi – the sultan’s palace for several centuries – another site that will have its own posting soon enough here





This is a continuation of several previous installments…Enjoy!

Istanbul Blog: Day One Itinerary

Istanbul Blog:  Here I will publish a set of postings to help you organize a multi-day adventure around this diverse and interesting city.  I first visited the city and the Bosphorus in the summer of 2013 and at that time did a very fast run through several of the major sites and important trips which only made me and my family decide to come back for an extensive visit.

So, this July we decided to make that special trip and spend time in the city, visit the major sites but do so at a very slow pace and enjoy the experience.  To that effect we devised an agenda (as much as possible) ahead of time.

That included several specific sites to be scheduled in each of our 5 days in the city.  Here is the itinerary we finally ended up running with:

  • Day 1:  Bosphorus Trip
  • Day 2: Turns out our Day 2 fell on a Tuesday, and as it turns out further, the Sultanhamet / Topokapi – Old Palace – is closed on Tuesday;   Long story short, as a result we ended up visiting Hagia Sophia – which is an amazing old church where you can find the amalgamation of multiple cultural and religious influences.  Very impressive
  • Turkey-Istanbul-Hagia-Sophia
    Hagia Sophia, Istanbul

    Hagia Sophia to Blue Mosque
    Looking from a Hagia Sophia window
  • Day 3:The day to visit Topkapi Palace – yes, it does take an incredibly long day to see all the wonders of the palace and enjoy the splendid views of the Bosphorus from the many verandas (my name for the terraces that exists in many corners of the palace and overlook the city and the Bosphorus).    So plan for a long day, bring lots of water, cool clothes if you are visiting in the summer, and of course many cameras – tons of great photo opportunities.   See here – just a couple of shot, but you get the picture 🙂 right…?
Topkapi Palace
Topkapi Palace, Istanbul 

This is one of the terraces from which you can get a great view and photo shots of the Galata bridge, Galata tower, and many other interesting sites in the area





  • Day 4: You can decide to explore the Asia side of Istanbul.  For that all you need to do is get a ferry ticket and cross to Kadikoy.  While on the Asian side – visiting Kadikoy, you can certainly experience the bit slower side of the city, have some good food and then return back to other parts of the city
Kadikoy Street

These are just some ideas of what and how while visiting Istanbul…. Enjoy! Drop me a note with questions…

Istanbul, a Few Photos a Day – Installment 3

Istanbul – and the experience from visiting this great city, continue…

I hope you are not tired of these postings – and hopefully, the photos being uploaded via them are interesting enough to capture your imagination and influence a decision to travel and visit this interesting city…

So, here comes installment number 3 – the previous ones are visible here

Now of course it is time to post the next set – this time with views from a high point (hill) in the city – the Bomonti district, which sits high enough in Istanbul, allowing a visitor staying in one of the area hotels to get a very nice view of the city in many directions – towards Topkapi and the Blue Mosque, or towards the Bosphorus and its bridges or just into the new city itself.

Sunset in Bomonti, Istanbul
Another sunset view from Istanbul, Bomonti


View of the Bosphorus from the Bomonti Hilton
Look at the Gates and you can imagine the lavishness inside…

Well, enjoy you travels and think, think – when do I visit Istanbul…..

Istanbul, a Few Photos a Day – Installment 2

So, the photo postings continue… There will be a series of postings from Istanbul, Turkey, and you better be patient – eventually, I will switch to the Pirin Mountains in Southwest Bulgaria.

If you want to experience the magnificent Pirin mountains ahead of time look in the top right corner of the Home Page on this blog for a link to a iBook you can purchase…Or use this link.

Now back to Istanbul and the Photo Moments from it:

Amazing photo showing Topkapi, Aya Sophia, and the Blue Mosque without headscarf, so we enjoyed only limited views
Istanbul Bridges over the Bosphorus
View from Hilton Bomonti, 33rd floor


Istanbul, a Few Photos a Day

I have written a bunch of stuff about Istanbul, The Bosphorus, the Bosphorus tour, and other interesting places to see around this amazing and vibrant city.

Then I thought – why bother you with a bunch of writing, when I can provide you with photos from various parts of the city and views that I consider interesting, descriptive, and most of all – that show the color, culture, life and various aspects of Istanbul.

To that effect, let’s start publishing…. Hopefully you will like it, will find it useful, and figure out places you would like to see for yourself on your next trip there.

Here we go

Istanbul Blue Mosque as seen from the Bosphorus
Istanbul, the Blue Mosque as seen from the ferry to Kadikoy
The Maiden's Tower Bosphorus Istanbul
The Maiden’s Tower at the Bosphorus in Istanbul

As usual, please ask me for the high resolution versions of the images above – in favor of Web page speed loading, I publish reduced resolutions. The uncompressed images taken with 24Mpixel DSLR are 30MB each.   ENJOY!



Turkey: Istanbul – More Photos

Istanbul – what a fascinating city.  A mixture of cultures, religions, customs, and on and on and on…So how do you write about it?   I think, with great difficulty.   You just have to experience it – and what a better way to do so but via photos.

So here we go – continuing the Travelogue – and will do so almost every day in order to give you as much as possible views from around different parts of the city.