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Narita to Shinagawa – When Your Plane Arrives Late at Night

If you are traveling to Japan and Narita specifically, you will need to consider options for how to get to your hotel or other destination into Tokyo.  Most often used methods of getting from the airport to many destinations in town are

  • the Airport Limousine (bus shuttle service)
  • the Narita Express (NEX) train – from Narita to Shinagawa for example;

On a recent trip, I flew in from Taipei into Narita.  My flight was supposed to arrive at Narita around 8:30pm;  However, the flight was delayed and I actually arrived around 9:30pm and as a result once I walked out into the international arrivals hall and got to the Airport Limousine bus to buy a ticket – I was told “no more busses…”

Turns out the busses that go to the hotels around the Shinagawa station left at 8:35pm as the last service.  So I was more than an hour late.

Next, I tried to get on the Narita Express — turns out – the situation was the same:  No train beyond 8:30 or so;

Now, you (like me) may ask “Why?  Who stops service so early in the evening?” etc.   But at the end of the day – it is what it is…. What do you do then?

I was able to get alternate route – which requres transfers but it worked well.  Here it is:

  • From Narita, buy ticket at the JR train booth/office for the SKYLINER express train. You will ride this train to the Nippori station;
  • At Nippori you need to look for the JR Yamanote line; Before you get to it you will need to get a fare adjustment; Nippori to Shinagawa should be around 200 Yen;   Then the train will be most likely on platform 10 (headed to Ueno);

In case you need to look for characters on the signs – for Shinagawa, those are 品川駅 (meaning Shinagawa Station) or just 品川 (Shinagawa);

Shinagawa Station at Night

Once you make it to the station, several hotels are within walking distance – for example, the Prince Sakura Tower;