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Shanghai Science and Technology Museum – Not Worth the Visit

Science and Technology Museum

This weekend my family and I had some free time and after considerable debate on which place to visit in Shanghai zeroed down on the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum.   

After an afternoon at the place – the unanimous verdict was… “What a waste of time..!”

Why do we say that? 

Well, we started with a brief stop at a replica (I think) of one of the ancient Beijing observatory tools – the Armillary Sphere — we had seen a version of it in Beijing – and did not know its name, so we were excited to see it in the corner of the front yard at the museum.   We were going to learn something 🙂  Well, not so fast…

China, Shanghai, Science and Technology Museum, Armillary Sphere
The Armillary Sphere

China, Shanghai, Science Museum

The plaque above gives some basic idea as to what the Sphere is supposed to do…but I wish it actually gave us the understanding of how it worked…

Then we went into the museum and the same story repeated itself. 

Here is our summary – from both adults and daughter (who loves technology):

  • the physical plant is great – I mean the museum building is very impressive

China, Shanghai, Science and Technology Museum

  • but the exhibits are underwhelming!
  • I wish the various exhibits would stimulate questions and provide some level of science foundation to the visitors thus sparking more interest.
  • Instead the exhibits are done to the level of kindergarten kids with very little learning being built in…
China, Shanghai, Science and Technology Museum
Surprise…! The robot can do the Rubik’s Cube…hm…
  • I doubt there is an elementary or middle school kid who does not know already that robots can play chess or solve the rubic cube problem… – you have to have lived under a rock not to know that the Rubik’s cube can be done by a machine;  Those were some of the main exhibits in the Robotics area.

I guess enough with the examples.  One more interesting observation – the visitors guide – at least the one we found at the entrance – was published ONLY in Chinese.

A museum is supposed to inspire learning, raise your interest.  I guess this was not much of the intent (in my opinion) of this one…Oh, well….