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Shanghai Weekday Morning

Weekday Morning

Greetings from Shanghai!  I often walk to work whie getting to my office in Shanghai.  Why?  Because I get to see and experience tons of stuff on the morning streets in the city.   You get to see a whole lot more, see people buying the groceries for the day, kids decked out in school uniforms running to school, and the whole hustle and bustle of a mega city.

Since many try to get more information on the city either before coming here or before they start exploring once they arrive, I figure I will create some postings to give you a pictorial and narrative view of what you would not see on the tourist tours and organized events….

May be that will help you understand better the city, may be not – at any rate, take a look and let me know with any questions….

Yesterday was the first day of school in China – I was in Fuzhou, (Southern China) and did not catch the view of that in Shanghai, but oh, well, today is the second day of school smiley and I did take some snaps with that in mind…

China Shanghai First Day of School

And then as I walked a bit further down the road, I encountered one of the polar pictures in Shanghai – the extreme wealth and the hard labor or some to get things done…. First, on the street next to a pile of ordinary rental and regular bicycles was parked a Rolls-Royce and a few minuted earlier I took a snap of this old guy transporting bamboo scafolding on his old bicycle…. Quite something, right…?

Shanghai, Rolls-Royce 


   China, Shanghai, Bike Transport

Next time, on my walk to the office and home, I will make sure to capture some of the street corner sidewalk markets – there were hardly any today – wonder if everyone was busy early in the morning getting the kids ready for school…

However, I did take a few snaps of the evening and sunset above Suzhou Creek in Zhabei district as I was crossing into Jing'An area.

China, Shanghai, Sunset

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