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Shanghai Weekend Morning – at the Bund

The Bund

Shanghai sites are always very crowded – let's face it – the city is a magnet for tourists from all over.  The Bund is one of the main attractions in the city and as a result it gets huge crowds.  You can see in one of my previous postings….

So, what should you do???  Well, go there on an early Saturday morning – and you will get a much better experience.

You can check out a lot more photos at my Travel Photos blog – a gallery of that experience, and another page containing links to more photo albums from China

Here are some photos

China, Shanghai, Waitan 

China, Shanghai, Waitan
Sarah at the Bund – empty promenade



Shanghai Friday Night

Shanghai Friday Night


A picture is worth a thousand words, right….?  Shanghai-Waitan-on-a-Friday-Night….!