Shanghai Skyline 上海

Shanghai Skyline

How about the Shanghai Skyline…?  You can see it below.  May be you can recognize some buildings that you know.  Or may be you will get excited and plan to visit the city.

China Shanghai Puxi Pudong

Shanghai Friday Night

Shanghai Friday Night


A picture is worth a thousand words, right….?  Shanghai-Waitan-on-a-Friday-Night….!

Coming and Going – Air Travel in Images…

Air Travel in Images

Travel, whether on business or leisure, is something my family and I do a lot of.  I have traveled over 2M miles on one of the major US carriers and then there are the numerous flights on a large number of other airlines – United, Eva, Air China, China Air, Korean, Air India, Thai, Malaysia Airlines, Dragon Air, China Eastern, China Southern, Hainan Airlines, Shenzhen Airlines, SAS, Norwegian, … the list can continue a bit longer.

Even after all this, I am always amazed at the beautiful views one can get while on the plane – views of the airports, other aircraft, the sky…

So, I decided to put together some of those views in a series of photo postings…Here we go with the first

JAL-at-Beijing-International Beijing-Airport

Over-Beijing  Over-Beijing-Polluted-Sky  Over-Beijing  High-Above-Asia

United-Leaving-Beijing AA-docked-in-DFW At Dallas DFW-Planes


Picturesque Bulgarian Village – Brashlian

Bulgaria-BrashlianClick on the image to follow a link to the Brashlian Page and Gallery on this Blog.  Enjoy!

Istanbul, a Few Photos a Day – Topkapi Palace

Istanbul Topkapi Palace

The Istanbul Topkapi Palace (otherwise known in Turkish as Topkapı Saray) is a large palace located in the old town of Istanbul and is currently a museum.   The palace served as a main residence of the Ottoman Sultans until about 1856.

The palace complex consists of four main courtyards and many smaller buildings – which combined together form an intricate set of courtyards and somewhat different from one another structures.

  Let’s take a look at some photos from the Palace…

You can actually find a lot more on the palace and its calendar of events on the official web page.   Enjoy!


Sunsets in Austin – Incredible…

I have lived in Austin for almost 14 years (my family and I were out of the country for a couple of years in the middle of those years)….I think the sunsets of Austin are one of the memorable things about this great city.   Take a look: